Love revolution

We all know about the sexual revolution- it really changed some things. So it’s not impossible to direct the society in a way that people will be happier.  But what do we need today, that will improve our society. What does our society lacks in?

die milos :)

I think that is love*. The most people today lack in love. How come? I don’t really know, but I think it has something to do with too much sex and too much money.

Money and sex are becoming more and more important, at least to my personal perception of the world today. I meet more and more people, that don’t really have time for love, don’t really want to get involved in complicated relationships, feelings and stuff, don’t really want to risk getting hurt and just don’t really want to go outside the rational, outside of money making, achieving and most of all out of the safe and played by clear rules world.

I think that the sexual revolution was really a great thing- people should know about their sexuality and feel free to express it. Having money is also not the worst thing in the world- sure that money will make it easier to eat healthy, do funny stuff, have a nice, warm home, give a good education to your children etc. But having good sex and enough money sounds somehow not enough for me. That will not make me satisfied with my life, will not make me happy, and will not give a reason to live.

Money, sex, material goods make life more fun, easier and safer, but they don’t make life worth living in my opinion. A human being has greater needs than mating and eating.  A person has the need to be loved and to love, to know, that the material things are just material and doesn’t really affect the value of his life, because he has something that is more worth than anything material- he knows, that his life is treasured by others and he treasures the life of others himself, no matter what.

It’s actually very simple- we need a love revolution. The idea is going round for some time and many other people feel that way too, like Lenny Kravitz 😉 and some other guys: a religious movement with really god ideas; one book about this movement, one not well-known music band; more nice music; one more book; book about what is going on in love and marriage

I don’t fool myself that I’m telling you something new, but I think that there is no harm saying it again 😉

May be it’s because I’m living in Germany, may be not- I can’t really tell how it is in the whole wide world. But I’m sick of people, who are getting married because of lower taxes, who are having open relationships/ open marriage, because they get along really good, but sex is just a physical need like eating and they don’t really care who his/her wife/husband is having sex with- as long as she/he is satisfied and calm.

I don’t get it- when did we became so commercial with love and interpersonal relationships?

Why do children know what sex is and how it’s done, but don’t really know what love is and what the hell do we need it for?

I don’t want to sound conservative or something- if you want to have an open relationship it’s your thing, but for me I can’t see the love there- you can still be good friends, great team etc., but love? I’ll be glad, if someone explain to me how’s done.

Love is such an overwhelming feeling, it takes over your world and mind, gives you an infinite spring of sweetness- where is there a place for other people? Feel really free to explain it 😉

So- I’ll leave you with one Beatles song ;), but I’ll come back to the topic soon.

And make love- not war 😉

*by love I mean every kind of love- between two people, but also to Good, between friends, between all the people etc.

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2 Responses to “Love revolution”

  1. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:

    I totally agree with my little sister.

  2. Aurelio Says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Love revolution | little coping koala <Liked it!

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