About Carrotmob :)


If you don’t know about Carrotmob– you should! I think, that you should. It’s an initiative to demonstrate your consumer power in a reasonable way. This video should make it clear:

We are all consumers- it’s difficult to get away from that, but you can at least make something good from it. Shortly- it’s just picking environmentally aware stores and buy your stuff from them.

Big corporations want just one thing- money. You have money (sometimes). You need stuff that big corporations make. By buying stuff from environmentally aware stores or corporations you awards them for caring about the environment.

If the one thing that one company needs to do to win you as a client is to care about the environment she will do it!

So check it out and see if there is an action neer to you soon 😉

Your coping koala 😉

ps: we have Carrot Mob in Bielefeld!!!

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