Pre-birthday depression ?

So people- how do you manage the time where your birthday is coming up?

It’s hard, at least for me… Even though this year it seemed like it’s going really well, the pre-birthday depression is getting me 🙂 May be it’s because one expects that it comes- i hate this. Just because we think, that something should happen, it does??? Crazy, ha?

But try not to think about it- it doesn’t really works for me. The good thing is, that it should be over with the birthday- which is tomorrow. That’s good- not much time for pre-birthday depression. Sometimes it comes month before it, it’s like pre-birthday black hole…

In the meantime I’ll try to grow up 😉

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5 Responses to “Pre-birthday depression ?”

  1. Lili Says:

    Fight the depression, it doesn’t suit to your sunny way of thinking 🙂 Some things don’t really change when they seem to be changing. They’re just developing into something better.
    The process of growing up is more important than to be grown. So, please, stay a child forever. 🙂

  2. copingkoala Says:

    😀 the depression is fought- it’s just the pre-birthday thing. As I’ve said- it’s over with the birthday 😉

    Yeah, child forever- i don’t really know if one can do it… You know “A dragon lives forever, not so little boys (girls)”.

    There was one more interesting post on the topic, it says: “Don’t lose the child in you, save it for your children”- that’s more realistic and constructiv, i must findt it and post it…. 😉

    And Lil- lately I miss the child in you …. 😦 (sometimes)

  3. Lili Says:

    I can’t see what you mean? Why you thing the child that I am is missing? Well you’ll explain me the next time in skype, I hope

  4. copingkoala Says:

    I don’t thik, that it’s missing. I missed it that sumer, a little bit, I had the feeling, that it was not really allowed to show around much…

  5. Pre-birthday Depression 2.0 « little coping koala Says:

    […] the 22.11 is coming around the corner and with it of course – myannual pre-birthday depression too. Since this year I don’t have the requirements (space, money, time) for applying […]

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