Would we be able to receive retirement pay?

Hi guys πŸ™‚

Today I had to write something on the nursing care dependency at work and I had to look at some statistics. It’s pretty scary, I think. I’m really starting to worry if my generation (20 something people) would be able to receive a retirement pay. Look at these numbers:

Today Prediction for 2060
Population 82 millions 65-70 millions
Proportion of people over 80 5% 14
Proportion of people under 20 19% 16%
Number of people at employable age 50 millions 33-36 millions
Number of people over 65 years to 100 people at employable age 34 67
life expectancy 77,2 for man82,4 for woman 85,0 for man89,2 for woman

The numbers are from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, i assume that the numbers for the USA are not really better, because the social insurance system there is not really better.

Can you imagine- 100 people at employable age should supply enough money for 67 seniors. I can’t believe it- for me it would be bad, because my retirement pay will be too small, but what for the young people at this time? How much money would be they paying for taxes, and for me?

So- I really must win the lottery πŸ˜‰ Ot just have private savings…

Best regards,

you not willing to get old and not receive a retirement pay koala πŸ™‚



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