Love revolution- how to do it? (1)

Let’s say you’ve heard of the love revolution and you find it great, but you don’t really know what to do? I think it’ll be helpful if i give you some tangible ideas of how to do it. I can’t really tell you anything else but just the things i do and i consider relevant to the topic.

But it’s important to keep in mind, that it’s about a revolution of the state of mind, soul and attitude- it’s not really material applied most of the time.

First ground rule is: love yourself!

That’s the essential. By feeling good about yourself you attract good things to happen. You can take a look of the laws of attraction or “The Secret”. Although i’m not their fan, they may show the general ideas in more understandable and vivid way for you 😉

In many situations I’ve noticed that when you’re nice to people, they are nice to you too! It’s great- the nicer you are to people are, the nicer they are to you and that’s makes you wanna be even more nicer to people than in the first place 😉

Good thing done today (and may be also a good thing for you to do tomorrow): holding the subway-doors open for a running mother with two children 😉

So- i must go in love absence. The topic will be continued… 😉

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