(no) Communication?

Already in the 90s there was one really good song from Bing Boys “No  Communication”, that represents the situation of communication today really good :


So- what do you think? Are you happy with all new possibilities to keep in touch with your friends?

I’m not really so thrilled about it… I have four presentations to do in the next two weeks, all in a team. How is the communication in the teams- in my opinion kind of funny, silly and sad. We arrange a meeting via doodle, then we meet and exchange phones, emails etc. just to arrange, that we’ll work on the topic and send all an email with our resumé. When all of us are done with resumes we try to arrange a meeting again via doodle, just to arrange that when we are ready, we’ll send it per email. And it goes on and on…

I remember the days, when if I wanted to ask my friends something about the homework or whatever, I’ll just go to her house, without calling or sending an email, to see if it’s ok. If she/he is there- it’s ok and she/he’s happy to see me, if not- I’ll try it later and vice versa….

Enjoy the nice 90’s music… It’s from the good old-school 😉



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