Just some thoughts about presents ;)

Yeah- it’s christmas time, it always comes faster than one thinks. And in our materialistic world christmas time means presents time.

Finding the right present is not so simple, or at least not for me. I love to make presents, but the thing is, that i only love to make good presents. And good presents are hard to find…

Why? Because what i think will make a good present for you, may be not a good present for you at all. I don’t know if you really thought about it- one knows it per default actually, but i think it’s difficult to apply: The good present for you is not a good present for someone else, the good present for someone else is what he thinks is a good present for you, because he also thinks, that the good present for him will make a good present for you.

It’s actually not so complicated as I made it sound. It’s just like that: i go to get a present for someone, i want it to be good- so i search for a thing, that i find good and i think, that the person will find good too. So a compromise between my opinion and his. But in many cases the things, that will be a great present for that person, are actually things, that i don’t think that will make a good present at all, because they wouldn’t come in consideration for me- so i don’t look at them or not consider them at all.

So- if you can, next time you go for a present, try to look only from the viewpoint of the person, that the present is for and not from a combination of yours and his viewpoint. Seeing the real joy in his eyes will give it all back to you 😉


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2 Responses to “Just some thoughts about presents ;)”

  1. davecandoit Says:

    One year I created a limited edition poetry book for all my friends. It was limited to 26 copes, lettered A to Z and signed by me. My friends really enjoyed it, or at least they seemed to. This year I was going to create a coffeetable book of photographs, again limited to a small print run, but I think it’ll have to wait until next year. The fact you like to make something for the people you care about shows you are a thoughtful and considerate person with a kind heart. Your friends and family are lucky to have you in their lives. 😉

  2. copingkoala Says:

    nice from you- self-made presents really show you care and are special… Or at least they are for me, some of my friends don’t think that way and i really have to fight with my self in order to get them something, that they think is a great present…

    Making unique, toughful stuff- your people are happy to have you 😉

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