And something about Christmas ;)

So- Christmas is actually almost over, but somehow I should say something about it 😉

But- well, there’s nothing more to say but: Christmas is the time to be with your family and to have a great time, to love and to be loved, to give all you can give and to enjoy the beautiful stillness of the white landscape outside, while you’re in your warm and homey home with the people you love…

So: Merry Christmas from me- I’ll get up from that computer and go have fun 😉


2 Responses to “And something about Christmas ;)”

  1. miamichaela Says:

    Wooot, festive lights! Very nice! 🙂 I especially like the last photo of the house, the lights are very elegant there. Mmmm.
    This Christmas for me were blah…no snow = no Christmas mood. But it’s snowing TODAY, on Dec 29…which is a but late, but better later than never! 🙂

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