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Beautiful portraits from Nikola Borissov 2

January 24, 2010

After the great black & white portraits from Nikola Borissov, here are some in colour:


Lamer’s experience… with Web 2.0 ???

January 19, 2010

O yeah- I’m a Lamer 😦 Yep, that came up to me today, there’s no running away anymore, I must confess it…

I’m not really comfortable with it though… I’ve never tought of me as a “Lamer” (in the meaning of a person, who doesn’t know a thing about computer & Co.), but it seems like I am. It wasn’t always like that. In the past I’ve absorbed some of my brother’s knowledge, even enough to be a geek in my class… And today I’m overwhelmed with using a Google Reader, or making anything on my blog? What the hell is happening with me ❓


Pimp your scarf ;)

January 12, 2010

If you have one nice wool scarf, but something is missing or it’s just so long ago since you have it and you want to fresh things up, you can really easy pimp your scarf.


Real life? (short movie: “I’ll wait for the next one”)

January 9, 2010

After the comments on the last happy little video I want to show you this one:


Signs- happy little video 3 :)

January 6, 2010

That’s one great video about our permanent search for love 😉 Or about nothing- but it’s very cute, just watch it:

Best fireworks ever :)

January 6, 2010

On New Year’s Eve my roommates made the best fireworks ever:


About beauty and Monica Bellucci…

January 5, 2010

Monica Bellucci is in my opinion one very beautiful woman.  I love her.

Yesterday we (me, boyfriend & roommates) were watching “How much do you love me”. At  least we tried to watch it, but we were too many people and it didn’t work out good for the movie… However, at some point one of my female roommates started a discussion about what people do find in Monica Bellucci.


Going crazy…

January 2, 2010

Have you ever had such a real vivid dream,  that you have to lie at least 30 Min in bed wondering whether it’s true or not? Is it over? Was that the reality or is that here the reality and that other thing was just a dream?  It’s all just so confusing… It’s like you’re going crazy.  You can’t really get up and do something, but you can’t really go to sleep either. All you can do i’s just to lie in the bed and stare in one spot wondering what’s going on in/with your mind…

Definitely not a good morning feeling, hopefully it’ll go away in a couple of hours.

Resolutions ;)

January 1, 2010

Happy new year, guys 😉

And of course the obligatory post with my new year’s resolutions:

1. To study for an exam early enough (early enough means earlier than one week before the exam… )

2. To say NO, when it’s better and convenient for me- not always trying to do that too and see if the limit will be reached this time…

3. To spend less time on the computer and to spend it more efficiently

What are your resolutions?

Or you’re just like Calvin: