Going crazy…

Have you ever had such a real vivid dream,  that you have to lie at least 30 Min in bed wondering whether it’s true or not? Is it over? Was that the reality or is that here the reality and that other thing was just a dream?  It’s all just so confusing… It’s like you’re going crazy.  You can’t really get up and do something, but you can’t really go to sleep either. All you can do i’s just to lie in the bed and stare in one spot wondering what’s going on in/with your mind…

Definitely not a good morning feeling, hopefully it’ll go away in a couple of hours.

6 Responses to “Going crazy…”

  1. Toni Tiller Says:

    happens to me almost everyday.

  2. davecandoit Says:

    Hope you’ve recovered from your dream, Teo. While I don’t often have that experience, I do tend to dream in complete stories. It’s very strange.
    Happy New Year!

    • copingkoala Says:

      Thanks, Dave- happy new year you too 😉

      Don’t worry, I was all right after a couple of hours 🙂 Complete stories are nice- I’ve had even a series one time… More like a whole week dreaming on one topic or something…

      I wish you good stories to dream about 😉

  3. Holly J Says:

    Oh oh. Sounds like it was a bad dream. Usually only bad dreams make me feel like that. Do you write your dreams down? I often find them crazy telling about myself and my life.

    Anyway, hope you’ve shaken the oogy feelings vivid dreams like that give. Believe me-I’ve been there!! Here is too a good night of sleep:)

    • copingkoala Says:

      Yeah- only bad dreams make me feel that way too. After good dreams the feeling is good and I rather try to go to sleep again that to wake up 😉

      I don’t write them down, I tried once but it wasn’t doing anything for me. I prefer to stay in bed and think about the dream while it’s still alive in my mind and after I’m done thinking about it it’s gone and that’s good for me.

      Although there are some dreams, that never come out of your mind, even after many many years…

      Thanks- I wish you sweet dreams too 😉

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