About beauty and Monica Bellucci…

Monica Bellucci is in my opinion one very beautiful woman.  I love her.

Yesterday we (me, boyfriend & roommates) were watching “How much do you love me”. At  least we tried to watch it, but we were too many people and it didn’t work out good for the movie… However, at some point one of my female roommates started a discussion about what people do find in Monica Bellucci.

It went something like this: “What do people find in that woman? I don’t get it, they are many more beautiful women out there. She is so tall and big, just huge. Ok- she has big boobs, but nothing more. She do even have wrinkles… ” And she kept going on and on like this…

Then my boyfriend came up with his partly true theory, that she just have one very symmetric face and her body see good in pictures, because she is tall… But in person she’s really not a big deal, one just average beautiful woman, but a little bit taller (or huge according to my roommate).

I was just trying to stay calm, because they were driving me crazy…

Average beautiful woman? Since when is one average beautiful woman not worth to look at? Should we start being unhappy about our average beauty now? Women starting to think that just extraordinary beauty is worth mentioning is the last drop that the world needs to total depression epidemic.

Huge? Are the skinny models more beautiful or sexy? Just because they are skinny and they don’t seem so huge, although they are also tall…

Monica has one perfectly natural, healthy and feminine body and exactly that’s what makes it soooo attractive…  She’s not fat, she’s not skinny- she’s perfect. That’s a woman you can take out to dinner. A woman who would cook to you and eat with you… That’s beautiful and sexy, that’s what men want and what woman want too! But it’s may be too average and unremarkable for some people to call it beauty…

Wrinkles: I love it, that you can see them on Monica, because they are natural. Everyone has some. Only the people in the magazines don’t, because they aren’t real and in the real life they have wrinkles too and most likely they also have Botox or operations against them… That’s not my idea of being beautiful- everyone can be sexy and beautiful without wrinkles, but Monica can be sexy and beautiful with them too!

What I like about Monica is the look in her eyes, her attitude, her charisma. That’s what makes her so special, ot at least to me. She’s magnetic, I could look to her eyes for hours (not boobs, eyes!). She always seem so naturally self-confident- that’s the most essential  component of sex appeal: natural self-confidence 😉

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t want to be like her or to sleep with her. I’m a different person, who has his own qualities and loves the person he’s with ;). But I admire the qualities in other people too and having personal qualities makes everyone beautiful 😉

So- what are your personal qualities?

Or an easier question- what do you think about Monica Bellucci?

ps. all the pictures are from GooglePics, so I’ll just recommend you to visit this site, if you want to read more about MB: http://monicabelluccifan.com/

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15 Responses to “About beauty and Monica Bellucci…”

  1. oziris1 Says:

    Well, I personally like Monica. I liked her when I first saw her in The Matrix Reloaded, I think. I even have pictures of her on my laptop. Not nude of course, although I wouldn’t take them back if I got them somehow. Hahha, I’m kidding. My point is that when I was younger, I downloaded a whole bunch of pictures of beautiful women and I erased one by one those I didn’t like. The ones that remained were Monica and Elisha Cuthbert (who I just loved in The girl next door).
    Anyway, I find her very attractive, especially with her make up on. She doesn’t need it though.

  2. davecandoit Says:

    I’m not familiar with Monika, although I did see the Matrix trilogy. Have to say, she’s pretty darn easy on the eyes. 😉

  3. helen Says:

    I say: Beautiful and not average 🙂

  4. Chris Says:

    Monica radiates class and sophistication without displaying heirs. She proves that having class has nothing to do with money. Class is dignity, intelligence and an overall grasp of social skill. Besides being divinely beautiful she is also highly intelligent. Monica is the full package. She is a woman that would earn my respect and allegiance at the drop of a hat.

  5. Egami Says:

    Monica is absolutely stunning and imo perfectly embodies all that real feminine beauty is about. She is also incredibly classy and quite smart too. I dare say that people calling her “average” are out of their minds.

  6. Swan Says:

    Ummm….she is not Average …..she is a great beauty …..beauty of face , breasts , legs, everything !!!! You don’t see that everyday on the street :))) ……god it’s amazing how some people are so clueless

  7. monicabelluciishot Says:

    She has awesome boobs and she loves showing em, thats what is great about her lol .. thats what we guys wud say amongst guys … and with girls we will say “oh yeah she has that spark in her eyes besides her wrinkles” .. just kiddin haha

  8. travlncarpntr Says:

    Beautiful with Botox instead of wrinkles… I have yet to find that beautiful, and I can not see it happening any time soon either.

  9. aydin Says:

    her motions, her smiles and everything she is doing is make me at least heartbeat increase and i cant stop thinking about her when i see her images and movies, She is an angel not a sexy toys which pervert people think

  10. Mim Says:

    Since when 171cm is tall? That is average in my country for woman..

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