Signs- happy little video 3 :)

That’s one great video about our permanent search for love 😉 Or about nothing- but it’s very cute, just watch it:


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10 Responses to “Signs- happy little video 3 :)”

  1. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:

    This never happens in real life.

    • copingkoala Says:

      It’s funny: everyone will be happy if it happens to him, but it never happens- how come?

      May be because everyone thinks, that it never happens and he’ll be stupid to believe, that it could happen to him…

      Too bad- if he thiks, that it’s possible, it may happens…

  2. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:

    Awesome song:
    This is what you get in real life.

  3. Svetlina Says:

    And I don`t have a window in the office 🙂 Still… those who seek get a chance to get. You can`t see (and you don`t deserve) a miracle if you don`t believe in it.

    • copingkoala Says:

      You don’t need a window- you have a door;) Go out and have fun, you little yellow shining 😉

      ps- I’m also sitting in the basement at work 😀 But there is one cat who always sneaks outside…

  4. Svetlina Says:

    Hahaha 🙂
    Kitties bring good luck. I`d love to have one as a personal assistant since what I do these days is quite… “fun”.
    BTW did I tell u that by the end of the movie I was expecting to see a car hitting the couple? That`s what happens in movies. And in the rela life they have kids and grandkids. I believe.

    • copingkoala Says:

      I did too- especially in the short movies there is usually always some sort of shoking end… But I was really glad that there was no car or bus 😉

      I’ll post shortly one other movie on that subject 😉

  5. Real life ? (short movie: “I’ll wait for the next one”) « little coping koala Says:

    […] little coping koala just talking … « Signs- happy little video 3 🙂 […]

  6. faitswulff Says:

    Oh man, I loved this short!

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