Lamer’s experience… with Web 2.0 ???

O yeah- I’m a Lamer 😦 Yep, that came up to me today, there’s no running away anymore, I must confess it…

I’m not really comfortable with it though… I’ve never tought of me as a “Lamer” (in the meaning of a person, who doesn’t know a thing about computer & Co.), but it seems like I am. It wasn’t always like that. In the past I’ve absorbed some of my brother’s knowledge, even enough to be a geek in my class… And today I’m overwhelmed with using a Google Reader, or making anything on my blog? What the hell is happening with me ❓

And it would be nice,  if you can tell me how Google generate the “Recommended Items”. Yep, I’m such a Lamer, that I couldn’t find that in the “Help” and it’s driving me crazy. I’m using “Help” so much lately, in the past I couldn’t really imagine what kind of persons do that… And that “Google” creeps me out, it’s just sooo big and I really think that the “Google World Domination” will come soon. Creepy Google… If you are asking your self “Why are you using it then?”. Well, it’s the easiest choise for laypersons like me 😀 And I really try to use it just when I don’t know an alternative or the alternative doesn’t work as good as Google. It’s the same with Facebook too. It’s too engaging, too big, too powerful… No, thanks. But whether I’m there or nor, soon people will say after a date: “Call me, I’m in Facebook.”

And this whole Web 2.0 bullshit? What’s wrong with the world? (Yes, I’m that uncomfortable with being a layperson, that I’ll blame it on the world instead). Who had the great idea that we want and should share everything with as many people as possible? There are some benefits, ok, but most of the time I have the feeling that all that Web 2.0 stuff ist just making it more difficult and artificial to communicate.

I’ll go find myself and read my great christmas present from my brother:

And by the way- what the hell is Web 2.0 ??? I know it has nothing to do with Ubuntu, I just have to deal with it on my laptop. But what is the Web 2.0? Google Wave? All that interactional crap on the Web? What???


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7 Responses to “Lamer’s experience… with Web 2.0 ???”

  1. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:


    I don’t like facebook etc … either.

    But I was addicted to IRC in the past 🙂 it was a nice time …

    Recommended Items are based on your search history, or if you use google toolbar on your entire internet activity :).

    • copingkoala Says:

      I whould think so too, but I’ve just registered my self and I didn’t have any surches or something, that was creepy… Google is always wathings you….

  2. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:

  3. Holly J Says:

    It is so funny that part of my job entails scoring the net for information, because besides when I do that, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to the net. I think it’s impressive you are even trying to wrap your head around it all!! I don’t even have a facebook. I use to myspace, but I eventually got rid of it.

  4. copingkoala Says:

    I’m glad you don’t have facebook- it sucks 🙂 And I don’t want to have it, but I want to know what’s going on and to be up to date with the WEB. That’s mostly just because I don’t really can make my peace with beaing a lamer and not having a clue about technical stuff… 😉

    About Facebook:

  5. miamichaela Says:

    Oooh, I AM at Facebook but it’s sooo time-consuming it’s unbelievable! I went there to keep in touch with my friends in Malaysia and for this it’s good though. Otherways it’s a lot of wtf and today I’m going to clear up my “friends” a bit because there is lots of people I don’t keep in touch with and THAT’s annoying. Hmpf!

    • copingkoala Says:

      Exactly my point- I wanted to keep in touch with my old shool friends too and they where all there. And I ended having a lot of invitations for some stuff and not a single normal conversation.

      So I just collected E-Mails and left 😉
      It’s more efficient. And then I’ve made that blog, so I’ll still have a place, where I can spend some time on the net, when I want 😉

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