About… veganism :)

Veganism is great ❗

In case you don’t know what it is: vegetarians don’t eat meat, vegans don’t eat any animal products (meat, cheese, milk, honey ect.).

Why am I a vegan now and then? (at least for 2 months per year 🙂 )

Because it’s great 😉 For me it’s the perfect way to lose the holiday weight, it gives me a fresh load of energy, it’s good for my conscience (by eating a little less animals per year), it’s good for my digestion system… more on why it’s great later.

When it’s so great, why don’t I do it permanently?

Well- that’s a tough one. Somehow I really don’t think it’s the healthier way to live on a permanent basis. At least I think one should take some dietary supplement and I don’t want to.

It’s hard to integrate veganism in everyday and social life. In almost every restaurant there’s a vegetarian option, but not a vegan option. Thank God that the garden Salat in McDonald’s is OK 🙂

It’s expensive. Even very expensive. Fresh fruits and vegetables cost remarkably more than the usual crap you buy. It’s just amazing how cheap meat and dairy products are… But the special vegetarian and vegan products are ridiculously expensive and they taste bad… I shop with my boyfriend (who eats “normal”) and in my vegan-months I always have to pay a lot more for less products than he.   In my opinion the only good way to eat is balanced. So I consider my “veggie-months” as a way to start clean with a new, healthier, well-balanced way to eat.

So- Why is it great?vegatables

1. You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables -> a lot of vitamines 🙂

2. Your bring you metabolism in hum.

3. You never feel ravenous appetite.

4. I think that your blood-sugar levels go down and are really stable and I assume that’s why you don’t feel ravenous appetite and I’m pretty sure that’s good for your health.

5. Your cholesterol goes down.

6. You do a little good thing for the animals.

7. You discover s lot of new veggie and fruit sorts and a lot of new dishes.

8. You have a reason to experiment with food.

9. You can snack a lot without feeling bad, full or guilty.

10. And a lot more- try it out and find your own reasons, why veganism is great 🙂

That’s just my opinion and it’s based on my personal experiences with veganism, if you are interested in the scientific or philosophical foundation, just search the net and you’ll find something, like that, that, that, that, that or that

Update (11.02.10): I forgot to say why do I do vegan-months and not vegetarian-months. It’s simple- I’ve tried just to be a vegetarian, but I don’t feel any different. The ravenous appetite is still there, I feel full after eating a lot, my blood-sugar levels are not so constant and no so low… With veganism it’s all different 🙂


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16 Responses to “About… veganism :)”

  1. y22z6lo7hhl2ct7b Says:

    I like meat, I eat a lot of meat :).

    If cows were not meant to be eaten, steaks wouldn’t be so delicious :).

    I like vegetables to, but as side dish to a steak :).

    • copingkoala Says:

      I wonder what do you taste like? There where rumors, that human meat is really delicious, so we should eat it, right 😉

      As I’ve said- the best way is just to eat LESS meat. May be not in every dish in your case, and may be even not every day 😉 But you’re gown up, you’ll find your way on your own.

      It’s a good way to lose some weight though and you need that 😉

  2. miamichaela Says:

    I used to be a vegetarian for around 3 years and that was great too! I dropped it in IKEA because I love salmon WAY TOO MUCH…but maybe one day I will come back to vegetarianism again 🙂

  3. oziris1 Says:

    I personally am a carnivore. I cannot help but eating meat. I used to have one vegetarian day in a week, but a few weeks ago, I stopped doing that. In every meal, I just have to eat meat. And I eat from a canteen in the University where there is almost never a vegetarian meal. And I don’t like to eat fruits either, which is bad, I know. There are very important things in meet, which have no other way to enter the organism. But nevertheless, meat is bad for your liver. So, I’m waiting to see a vegetarian meal in the canteen and I will resume my veggie day.

  4. Svetlina Says:

    What I know for sure is that the body has its habits. And if my mom fed me 16 years with meat and tasty home made dishes, my body wouldn`t like me turning to a vegetarian or a vegan. That`s why I keep eating meat and tasty stuff now that I have to be my own cook.
    Plus… since bananas are not natural, can I trust all those fruits and vegetables in the shop? Nahh… give me sausages, give me cheese sandwiches and a milk toast and honey (if somebody knows the song).
    One more thing – my roommate used to be a vegetarian for 2 years, then ate meat for 1 year and stopped for 6 more months. During these periods she somehow couldn`t manage get all the vitamins and minerals and now I have a 24 year old friend with 4 different stomach and blood diseases taking pills every day.
    No, thanks.

  5. copingkoala Says:

    @oziris: I hope that veggie day work good for you 😉 It sounds like a good idea because meat is hard to digest and you should give your stomach a little break once in a while…

    @Svetlina: You can totally not trust those fruits and veggies in the shop, but I think that you can not trust the meat in the shop too… No risk, no fun 🙂

    You are actually right about the habits. But I’ve noticed that I eat much more meat than I did when I was a child, mostly because I can afford it now. But I don’t think it’s right, I wish to come down to 3 meat-meals per week permanently, because I consider that as a healty way to eat.
    So I use my vegan-periods as an inspiration for it. During them I feel good, I feel light, full with energy etc. So I think that as long as I’m feeling good, it’s good for me.
    If the periods are not so long or if you take dietary supplement vegetarianism or veganism could do really great for you. It doesn’t always ends in stomach and blood diseases, otherwise noone would do it. But as far as I know you should eat “normal” during pregnacy.

  6. copingkoala Says:

    Here’s the song:

  7. Svetlina Says:

    Hahah 🙂
    You are so right! About the song 🙂

  8. Prolet Says:

    Hey to all. First pleas excuse my terrible grammar in english, but I hope so that you’ll understaind me :).
    So… I’m a vegetarian narly 1 year, actually I tryed to be vegan and I felt wonderful, I just don’t feel ready to be. Actually I’m vegitarian because of the logic: 1 I can live very good withowt killing animals to feed myself and I have alive proof, that it’s not unhealthy- my father- 27 years vegetarian.
    2 Our teeth aren’t buld to kill, predatory animals have sharper teeth, given them by mother nature and 3-rd Our secretory system isn’t buil for that kind of food. That kind animals have shorter than ours and theres no time for the meet to start to liberate toxins, but in human body…
    So that are my reasons. They may look stupid or funny or whatever, but I’m feelig beter to be reason someone to kill 1 ckicken less ot 1 cow maybe. And I’m luccy that in Bulgaria we still have natural products you can buy from the farmers, or even better, to grow in your free time maybe 🙂
    Oh, and smth important. Everyone have right of choice and it’s the best for himself :).

  9. copingkoala Says:

    I agree with you- everyone chooses for theirselves 🙂

    But for 27 years- does your father take any dieatery suplement or are mushrooms, nuts and soy enough? Although if he’s a vegetarian and not a vegan it shouldn’t be so tragic, because the dairy producs & Co…

  10. Prolet Says:

    No, he doesn’t takes suplements and acctually in half of the year he keep lent, so you can say half of the time he’s vegan :).
    Actually friend of mine is vegan for a year ’till this moment, and she made some blood tests in last days and everythig was better than ever. I agree with one of the opinions up, that eating as a lot things is habit, but we have the power to change them if we want :). And second, there are people who probably wold use one of our meals for a week.
    I think we eat too much, we don’t enjoy the food and we aren’t thankfull and because of that we eat too much things we don’t really nead, but just because we want to.
    There’s a wonderful book ” The mutant message down there” fom Marlo Morgan, on BG ” Заслушани в молитвата на вселената” и я има в Изворите. This book helped me to realize AND the meaning of the food 🙂

    • copingkoala Says:

      Wow- that’s impressive. I really didn’t think that it works good without any medications or so…

      Yes, we can change our habits- after all we’ve created them;)

      We eat too much, but I wouldn’t really say that we don’t enjoy ti 😉 I try really hard to enyoj it and if my starving would help the people, who starve, I would do it as long as I can. But the sad true is that it can’t help them- the supermarkets throw away the remaining food out and it’s prise go up, so they still make porfit. We already produce more food than the whole world could eat up, but it’s just not allocated correctly… But that’s one whole other topic…

      I’ll check out that book 😉

  11. Asian Butterfly Says:

    oh dear, as of now i’m a vegetarian, it took me two weeks to get used to eating veggies, fruits, chicken and fish alone, and now i’m all done with the i crave for this and that… i couldnt imagine giving up fast food before as well as fatty slow food and red meats, but when i totally gave them up, i didnt crave for them, not even once and funny now that i dont even like the sight of hamburgers since they make me want to puke.

    uhmmm, now being a vegan, thats my goal next month. i hope i can make it. heehee im sure you know how hard it is when youre starting… 🙂
    so maybe you can help me with some recipes? lol

    • copingkoala Says:

      It’s not really hard to start with veganism, it’s the same as with meat- as soon as you don’t eat cheese & Co, you don’t crave for it 😉

      I don’t really have special recipes or so, I just listen to my stomatch. You just need to be open to some new combinations, try new fruits and veggies, try new combinations. But the most important thing is listening to your body- it tells you if it wants roast potatos with mushrooms, rice with all kinds of veggies etc. You can also try some recipes you love and try just to leave all animal products out- pancakes go without milk and eggs too 😉

      The hardest thing for me was to find something to eat while I’m out- you should get used to wearing your own sandwitchbox, I’m still forgetting it and it sucks…

      And you can always try the special products:

  12. slideworld Says:

    От доста години съм вегетарианец, а в последната година все по рядко ям готвени храни. Наблягам на плодове и зеленчуци, типов хляб и хубави мисли :). Ядки си вземам често, ако съм на гости хапвам и млечни иначе ми се случва на няколко месеца да си купя .
    И се чувствам много добре 🙂 .

    Поздрави и Усмивки до всички които са на тази вълна.


    I’m a vegetarian for many years now and in the past year I eat less cooked meals. I east mostly fruits and vegetables, brown bread and happy thoughts 🙂 A lot of nuts, if I’m somewhere out I eat some dairy products too, otherwise I eat them just once in a couple of months.
    And I feel really well :).

    Greetings and smiles to all who are on the same wavelength.

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