About… Small talk

Small talk pisses me off ❗


Well- why not? Who needs such pointless timekiller and buffer in human interaction, it’s just stupid- just another way not to communicate with somebody.

That comic really make my point, but let me explain…

According to Wikipedia: “Small talk is conversation for its own sake, or “…comments on what is perfectly obvious.” It is an informal type of discourse that does not cover any functional topics of conversation or any transactions that need to be addressed. … The ability to conduct small talk is a social skill”

Ok- there’s nothing wrong with the existence of pointless stuff.

What pisses me of is that small talk becomes really big. You HAVE to do it and you HAVE to do it good, if you want to be successful in your career or social life. Even robots who do small talk are better…

I’m not comfortable with HAVING to do something pointless, just because it’s expected according to the unwritten laws of society today. I don’t mind having a conversation, but when doing small talk you’re not really allowed to communicate. Good small talk is actually a good conversation, that is just being kept shallow by not really sharing an opinion. God forbid you say how you really are. And why than should I ask everyone how they are, if they HAVE to say that they are fine?

But because it’s so important people try to get better at it. Some say that I should read everything, practice, keep a journal ect.,  so that I can do better in small talk- are you kidding me? I should prepare myself well for a conversation where real discussions are not really wanted???

As said- pointless….

Please, if you have other opinion about small talk- share it! I’ll be glad to hear it 😉 If it’s really so great and more important for my successes that grades, I definitely want to get the point…

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4 Responses to “About… Small talk”

  1. helen Says:

    Small talk is no good and a complete waste of time. However, on some ocasions it is necessary to lower down the emotional tension in a room … As a matter of fact, most people like to talk about themselves and they would always appreciate a good listener.

  2. copingkoala Says:

    That’s true, but otherwise if they talk too much it becomes inappropriate too… I’m a very good listener either way, so I don’t really bother 🙂 Just that sometimes there’s the feeling of an obligation to do it…

  3. oziris1 Says:

    Well, I’m not sure what you mean by “small talk”, but if it is what I think you mean, then I’m really good at it. Since my first semester, I’ve talk to over 100 people on bus stops, on train stations, in the bus and in the train. I spent one year in terrible silence and with lack of conversation, so that opportunity came as a salvation for me. Small talk in my opinion is “Hi, where are you from?”, “Are you a student”, “Where do you study” and so on, of course, starting with “Are you in a mood to talk”, because to me, if one doesn’t want to talk, or has problems and is thinking about them, then the small talk is meaningless. Anyway, now I find myself more and more reluctant to talk to new people. I feel exhausted from the lectures, so I just want to travel in silence.

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