Amazing carrots !

I’ve learned something about carrots yesterday, thanks to Mallory đŸ˜‰

There are a lot of different coloured carrots out there! As seen on that picture:

I’ve seen that picture before and I’ve automatically assumed that it’s photoshoped or so. But it turns out that  there is a variety of colour in the carrot family đŸ™‚ The carrotmuseum explains it very good:

Orange Carrot Slice

“Orange Carrots contain beta carotene, with some alpha-carotene, both of which are orange pigments. High in Vitamin A essential for well-being, healthy eyes. These carrots originate from Europe and the Middle East.

Yellow Carrot slice

Yellow carrots contain xanthophylls and lutene, pigments similar to beta carotene, which help develop healthy eyes aid in the fight against macular degeneration and may prevent lung and other cancers and reduce the risk of astherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). These came from the Middle East.

Red carrots are tinted by lycopene, (another form of carotene) a pigmentRed Carrot slicealso found in tomatoes and watermelon; lycopene is associated with the reduced risk of macular degeneration, serum lipid oxidation, helps prevent heart disease and a wide variety of cancers including prostate cancer. Originally from India and China.

white carrot slice

White carrots lack pigment, but may contain other health-promoting substances called phytochemicals, natu ral bioactive compounds found in plant foods that work with nutrients and dietary fibre to protect against disease. One might say these are the least healthy of carrots. They originate from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan.

Purple Carrot slice

Purple carrots (usually orange inside) have even more beta carotene than their orange cousins, and get their pigment from an entirely different class, the anthocyanins, these pigments act as powerful antioxidants, grabbing and holding on to harmful free radicals in the body. Anthocyanins also help prevent heart disease by slowing blood clo tting and are good anti inflammatory agents. These originate from Turkey, and the Middle and Far East.

Purple Haze Carrot Slice

The Purple Haze variety have a more purple/red and white centre .

Black Carrots contain anthocyanins, part of the Black Carrot Sliceflavonoid family with antioxidant proper ties. Flavonoids are currently under investigation as anticancer compounds, as free radical scavengers in living systems, as well as inhibitors of LDL (the bad) cholesterol and the black carrot anthocyanins are especially active.It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties and oil made from its seed can help control scalp itchiness and provides essential nutrients for hair growth. The ancient black carrot has been making a comeback, not s o much for culinary purposes but as a source of natural food colorants. These originate from Turkey, and the Middle and Far East.”

Amazing, ha? If you find it interesting too, you should visit the


2 Responses to “Amazing carrots !”

  1. Svetlina Says:

    Niceeeee đŸ™‚
    I`d like to have a few purples and one red please.

  2. Amazing carrots ! | Headlines Today Says:

    […] … They originate from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan…. Read the original here:  Amazing carrots ! Tags: carrots–, Healthy, least, might-say, pakistan, the-least, these-are […]

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