About… books :)

I loveeee books. Although I don’t read a lot. I don’t have the time and even if I do sometimes I want to make something else that involves more moving etc. I read only when I want to, when it’s the time to read.

I enjoy buying books spontaneous. So I can follow my intuition and buy the books that want to be read.  Otherwise I can also buy a book, that I don’t want to read right now, but in a couple of years- just when the time is right…

I also enjoy reading one book again and again- it’s a different book when you read it at the age of 15 and at the age of 22 years 🙂 Or to read one book in different languages. I’ll try to learn spanish, so that I can read “Cien años de soledad” .

That’s my way to make reading and books special, to appreciate them. And I think that’s important. I’ll hate it if books become fast intellectual stimulation, or worse- just entertainment. They are made to give you time and opportunity to let your imagination flow and to enjoy other worlds and dimensions, not to be just some entertaining snacks in your lunch-breaks…

So what’s your attitude towards books?

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6 Responses to “About… books :)”

  1. davecandoit Says:

    I’m an avid reader and have a rather large collection of rare and antiquated books, like 300 or so. I don’t collect anymore, but back in the ’90s I used to be right into it. Right now I’m reading “Child 44”. I just finished “Shutter Island” and “The Lovely Bones.” One of my favourite books this century is “The Book Thief.” I’m also reading a photography tutorial book right now called “Understanding Exposure.”

  2. Holly J Says:

    Like you I am a lover of books. I think of them as friends. I don’t lend them out. I keep them and write my notes in them, and years later I will go back and look at one of my old favorites and see how it touched me at age 14, 16, 18 and so on. I know what you mean about letting the book that want to be read call to you. I use to have these long list of books I wanted to read, but now I wait to get that ‘I have to buy a book feeling’ and then I just hit up Borders or Barnes and Nobels and I find my new gem.

    There are some new books I want to read- they aren’t new but just new for me. Mainly after Paradise Lost I want to read the Satanic Verses.

    • teo Says:

      I’m so glad that I’m not alone with my “book friendships” 🙂 I’ll put the Satanic Verses on my “waiting list” too, it seems really interesting.

  3. oziris1 Says:

    I used to read a lot. And by a lot I mean two-three books a day. Then break, then two-three books again. I used to read mainly science-fiction and philosophy and psychology books. Then a period of two years followed when I didn’t read any books. Now I read mainly technological books in English, some entertaining books in English, too, like The Lost World and Jurassic Park, I read Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy in Bulgarian and that was my last novel. Now I read a how-to-do books for Power Point, some Cybernetics, and a book about the history of Google. I’m interested in Mathematical theories now. For example the Theory of Games, and the Mathematical theory of information, although I don’t think my maths knowledge is sufficient to read and understand them. I’m trying to get used to the English technical terms, so I am searching for English books with technical terms, like The principles of the Computer Hardware, which I abandoned after a while. Anyway, I do love reading, but as Tedi, I prefer going out with friends when I have the time, which is not very often.

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