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About… Blogging :)

March 30, 2010

I’ll make it short for the busy people: I like Blogging, it’s cool and fun 🙂

The not so busy people are welcome to read on 😉

So, I blog since 03.01.09, that’s about 5 months now. I must say that I’m really happy with my blog so far. If you want to know why and to get inspired to make your own blog, read on 😉


Forget and forgive?

March 28, 2010

Recently Helen told me that it’s better to forgive and forget than hate. I agree with her, but she got me thinking. How does it works?

I think, that we need to forgive first, so that we can forget after that. You can not forget something you haven’t forgiven, at least I can’t. May be some people forgive when they forget something, may be that’s how the “time heals everything” works. But I think that it’s not really forgotten, it’s just faded away then.

It’s funny what Google thinks about it:

2.160.000 for forgive and forget

7.710.000 for forget and forgive

Hm? What do you think?


Calvin & Hobbes: How it all began…

March 27, 2010

I love Calvin & Hobbes! How come?…

I was sitting in the fourth lecture in social psychology and I was trying to keep up with the German language as the Prof. showed us this comic strip in order to illustrate self-esteem:


Recovering my RSS-Feed-Collection :)

March 26, 2010

Hey there 🙂

As great as Windows 7 is, as dumber and lamer I get… I was so needy for sound, that I’ve forgotten to make a Backup-File for my RSS-Reader and my Favorites in Firefox…

So please, if you miss me as a reader in your blog, trow me a link on my mail or so and I’ll be glad to read you again 😉 I’m searching for the good blogs in my Reader on my own too, but of course I can’t think of everyone.

Thank you and don’t laugh at me too much 😉

About… HATE

March 24, 2010

OMG, hate… Hate is such a useless feeling, not constructive in any way and just pointless (I’m talking about “regular” hate, not hate in case of war, killing, death etc.). And still, when somebody does something really bad and mean, really, really bad to you, what would you do? Hate him?

What’s the point? What would your hate change? Would you feel better? Would the hated person regrets what he has done?


Lamer’s experience with… Windows7

March 22, 2010

Windows 7 rocks ❗

It’s just so great and so not like Windows. I mean it’s fast, it finds all drivers on its own, it doesn’t need to restart a lot, the updates aren’t teasing, it looks nice… That’s (my) lamer’s view and I’m just so happy with it.

I can only recommend it, the installation will take no longer than 30 min. and it’s so simple… Just great! May be for the first time: Great job, Microsoft.

I guess you can no longer use the joke: “The day that Microsoft will stop sucking, will be the day they start making vacuum-cleaners.” 😉


No Sound?

March 20, 2010

I’ve learned today, that a computer without a sound card just sucks… Usually there’s no sound on my work-computer and that makes sense, you have to work and not get distracted with some stuff. But not having a sound card on your personal computer sucks exactly because you don’t want to study or to do some work at home- you want to have fun! I want some distraction, so- I’m going with Windows7 later and either it all will be OK, or I’ll crash my computer completely… Wish me luck!


March 19, 2010

It’s a funny thing- once you’ve had butterflies in your stomach, it feels terrible when they’re gone. It hurts, it stinks and it struggles. But what’s left when it stops?



March 19, 2010

People do stupid things, when they want some distraction. I broke my computer, I’ve finished my book and now I’ve reached the bottom- I’ve signed in for Facebook…

So visit me there 😉 I still don’t have a page, but you can find me under Coping Koala. Here it is 🙂

I could go on Twitter too… but I’ll save it for bad times 😉


March 18, 2010

How the hell should I express my anger ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Stupid Introversion! Stupid me!

I just want to hit, to break… but somehow I can’t. Stupid, stupid, stupid…