Looking good…

I love looking good, to have some nice clothes and shoes on, eventually some make-up. It’s nice for the people around you and for yourself, at least it always makes me feel better and more confident. Usually I’m stuck with sporty and casual because of work & co, but sometimes I’m just in the mood for expressing my femininity more than usual. I don’t mean sexy! I mean good,  feminine, classy, elegant, arty- just expressing your personality.

One of the things I hate about Germany is the way people respond to you, when you look good or more feminine than usual or appropriate. I kind of get the feeling that the appropriate look here is everything in the grey-gamma and all other colours, that are not real colours like these:

So if you look nice people say: “Wow, what’s the occasion?”, “Were are you going tonight?” & co. And this happens even if I just wear shoes with heels, not even nice high heels, just feminine, comfortable little heels or nice (long!) skirt… Just crazy, ha? To look “normal” and unobtrusive in Germany you have to wear sneakers or some other sporty shoes, you can even wear skirts with sneakers- that’s good, but if you wear skirt or dress with high-heels, it’s odd, high-heals and mini-skirt = slut. May be I’m just paranoid…

I should try to live somewhere else…


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2 Responses to “Looking good…”

  1. miamichaela Says:

    Haha…you know, I can spot GERMAN SENIORS right away when I see them because they all look the same, which is short hair, beige clothing, orthopaedic shoes & weird unfitted bland clothes! 😀

    In Czech rep you get people that look like they’re going hiking and no taste in fashion at all….in Slovakia I think it’s okay, but given we are a small country with many people with minds still in communism, I guess people wil dress more daringly in some time only.

    Budapest is awesome though! So colorful and fun! 🙂

    • teo Says:

      :D:D:D I know- everybody can spot german seniors, but you should know, that they are one of the best dressed group of germans 😉

      I’ve heard nice things about Budapest before too- I should check it out 🙂

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