How do you know, that you’re unique? Are you actually? What makes you unique? When did you learn, that you are? How?

Do you think that all people are unique? If yes- do you think, that all animals are unique? If yes- do you think, that all vegetables are unique?

If no- what makes some individuals of one species unique and other not? What makes the individuals of one species unique and of other species not?

I can’t stop asking myself all these questions. Often. Yesterday I was riding the bus on my way to work and it was passing by some houses, that looked all the same, but I was sure, that the people who live there are all different and unique. Or are they? Do they ask themselves the same questions? Does that make them the same? Are they all healthy, normal, average people? Do that makes them the same?

Why do we unificate people, or animals, or vegetables? But if we respect the individuality of every little thing on the planet, how can we live without constantly feel guilty? Or should we feel guilty?

I have the feeling, that most people think, that they are unique. But in the same time they see a lot of people as not-unique, like retarded people, stupid people, even people, who just listen to one certain kind of music, or are fans of some TV-Show…

The problem is, that I don’t really know what to do with all this questions. I just don’t really find answers, that satisfy me and makes me feel good and not guilty.

Do you ask yourself such questions? What are your answers?

And after all- are you unique?


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6 Responses to “Unique?”

  1. miamichaela Says:

    Hmmm…I think we ARE unique to the extent of our personalities and thoughts. On the biological level though, we have more in common with the whole nature (including plants) that we can’t really feel unique. I just read that even chimpanzees have a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s!!!

    • teo Says:

      Chimpanzees have much in common with us, there’s less than 1% genetic difference between us. But it’s not the biological level I’m questioning.

      I think that we are unique too. But how do we know, that animals or veggies don’t have personalities or thoughts? How do we know, that the thing, that we call personality is not “invisivble” for other species, like we don’t see the personality of a tree. Aren’t we a little bit arrogant to take our uniqueness for granted?

      “I’m a human, I have a personality therefore I’m unique” ???

      I really don’t know what’s the point, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to be superior, without really having done something to deserve it.

  2. oziris1 Says:

    Well, I used to feel very unique and very misunderstood because of that. That was because I didn’t fit anywhere and I had different interests than all my peers. Now I don’t feel unique at all, and as one of my closest friends says, that’s a blessing. I study and I take my exams just like the rest of my colleagues, I have fun, I go out, although not as much as some of them. Now I want to achieve very common goals – to get married, have children, have a stable job, and stuff, unlike what I used to want when I was younger – to suffer from unshared love, lack of money and to write. Now I write only when I’m in the mood. As to the uniqueness, I don’t think animals are unique. Neither are plants. They cannot think, they don’t have characters – that’s the difference in their neural system, haven’t you studied Biology? Like it or not, we are the only ones unique.

    • teo Says:

      But if everybody is unique there shouldn’t be a problem. So either not enerybody is unique (but I don’t think so) or may be just some kinds of uniqueness don’t get a long with others πŸ˜‰

  3. godlesspaladin Says:

    I think there are different degrees of uniqueness. Everyone is unique relative to everyone else, but some people can be more unique than others.

    Uniqueness is like a commodity. The rarer something is, the more unique it is, but it still has some value even when common because not everyone has it. Those houses you passed may not be very unique because they are all the same and common in that area, but they do have some value of uniqueness because not everybody in the world lives in them.

    When I partake in something that is relatively rare for people in my location (like my atheism, or making art, or attending medieval re-enactments) I feel more unique simply because these things are rarer than others.

    As for plants and animals, I think plants are restricted just to being biologically unique because they can’t move. Animals, however, can have personalities and be more unique in their actions. I think humans have a greater potential for uniqueness (since we can change clothes, or our tastes in books/movies/music/food, ect) but we do not have a monopoly on uniqueness.

    (I hope that makes sense. I’m not sure I fully understood what I was trying to say :p )

  4. teo Says:

    It makes sense, but it goes exactly in the direction that I didn’t wanted to go. Uniqueness can’t be a continuum I think, more unique? You are either unique or not, you can be more interesting then others or something, but not unique.

    I’m glad you’ve brought the “can move” criteria up – who made that up, makes that sense, only because we can move and see the word through our glasses, does that mean, that this is the only possible point of view or way to be or become more unique?

    I know it’s and endless topic, I’m glad you’ve shared your opinion, 10x πŸ™‚

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