About… being a scorpio :)

As I’ve said I’m technically a scorpio and I find it interesting enough to post about it. Why shouldn’t I? Scorpio is the best sign! Here’s why:

1. Everybody knows it. Yeah, I really mean that everybody knows something about that sign, so you never have to explain yourself 😉 Great, ha?

It’s pretty much like studying psychology- everybody knows something about it and comes with his prejudice, fears and curiosity. For some studying psycho or being a scorpio will be really exiting, for others frightening, but for most people it’s just a reason to be more “careful”. I’m fine with that, it’s actually interesting to see what people want to hide or what they fear.

But at least nobody will ask: “Hm, (geophysics, capricorn, ect.), what’s that like?”

2. Well, you have really good chances to have a very stong sexuality, it’s pretty great.

3. You’re a really good friend and partner.

4. You can also be bad, if you have to.

5. You care about stuff.

6. You just have that look, that all scorpios have and all other people loves and desires.

There’re definetly more reasons why scorpio is the best- help me out here 😉

ps. in school people were talking about black and white scorpios, if there are such things, I’m definitely a white (if white is good;)

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3 Responses to “About… being a scorpio :)”

  1. Svetlina Says:

    S stands for smart and stubborn
    C stands for caring
    O stands for one and only
    R stands for restless
    P stands for passionate and powerful
    I stands for impulsive
    O stands for out of the ordinary

    SCORPIO stands for ME 🙂

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks to you and all my fans 🙂

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