Lamer’s experience with… Windows7

Windows 7 rocks ❗

It’s just so great and so not like Windows. I mean it’s fast, it finds all drivers on its own, it doesn’t need to restart a lot, the updates aren’t teasing, it looks nice… That’s (my) lamer’s view and I’m just so happy with it.

I can only recommend it, the installation will take no longer than 30 min. and it’s so simple… Just great! May be for the first time: Great job, Microsoft.

I guess you can no longer use the joke: “The day that Microsoft will stop sucking, will be the day they start making vacuum-cleaners.” 😉



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3 Responses to “Lamer’s experience with… Windows7”

  1. Aquawoman Says:

    Чудесен Уиндоус! С него съм откакто пуснаха пробната версия в сайта на Майкрософт и съм много доволна. Дори се учудвам на тези, които още се стискат за XP-то и твърдят, че им харесва повече 🙂


    Great Windows! I’m with it since they’ve released the Beta-Version and I’m really happy with it. I even wonder why some people are still stuck with the XP and think that it’s better 🙂

  2. Val Says:

    Разбира се че ще се стискат
    Защото е доказано че WindowsXP Service Pack 3 e най – доброто нещо засега


    Of course that they stay with the XP, because it’s proven that Windows-XP Service Pack 3 is the best till now.

    • teo Says:

      Може и така да е, но седмицата бързо ще го настигне и задмине 😉


      That’s possible, but Win-7 will catch up soon and get even better 😉

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