About… HATE

OMG, hate… Hate is such a useless feeling, not constructive in any way and just pointless (I’m talking about “regular” hate, not hate in case of war, killing, death etc.). And still, when somebody does something really bad and mean, really, really bad to you, what would you do? Hate him?

What’s the point? What would your hate change? Would you feel better? Would the hated person regrets what he has done?

As far as I can imagine, the only possible consequence of hate is revenge. May be not just a regular revenge, but a serial of “getting him back” till he’s done and has lost all faith and will, or till you’re done. And then what? We’ll have two hurt, hated and hating persons. Doesn’t sound good to me.

Why am I telling you that bullshit? It’s just, I really should hate someone and I really want to too, but I can’t. The reason I can’t are those thoughts. I get angry, I want to hate and then that pointlessness comes to my mind. I even kind of find my peace again for a little while. So, what’s the point of hate? I don’t see any, we should search and give love, or at least spare some hate from the world. Some could say that’s stupid, I think it’s the only humane and mature way.


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12 Responses to “About… HATE”

  1. helen Says:

    Hating is no good. When you hate somebody it is affecting more your own health and your own well-being than the other person’s. He may not even be aware of your strong feelings. Unless, you make him aware with “revenge”. And then it is an endless cycle if he plays bask. For what use?
    It is far better to forgive and forget instead of poisoning your own mind and heart with thoughts of revenge and self-pity for the bad things someone has done to you.

  2. Charly CONCHITA Carlyle Says:

    you know…it’s funny…not haha…funny ironic…but often hate is a necessary process to peace…is it “right” as you would have? No…but unfortunately it is sometimes necessary for healing…necessary to come to peace…everyone has their own path…I think it is far beyond me to judge… dr.c.

    • teo Says:

      See, I understand that and I even have seen it working in a therapy many times. It used to work for me too, or at least I’ve thought that it works. But I find my self letting go by not hating, because for me as long as you hate someone, it’s not over yet…

      I don’t want to judge either, sometimes I even envy the people, who can just hate someone and the case is closed for them. Something like “he’s dead for me”. But somehow, somewhere hate just lost sense for me…

      It’s so nice so say that, to come clear in my mind about it. I thank you so much for commenting and helping me organizing my thougts. It’s all clear now…

  3. helen Says:

    Yeap. I was going to add that unfortunately when you “don’t hate” you remember only the good things and then it is harder to let go. But still, not hating is better. Eventually, you would find someone new and forget about the past. And in the other case the hate would keep you negatively attached to the past forever.

    • teo Says:

      Just to make it clear- I’m not talking about my ex-boyfried ๐Ÿ˜‰ Unfortunately there’re other people who make me want to hate them more than he…

      There’s a difference between dislike and hate, I can still remember all the bad things and not hate someone, if I can understand him or at least hypotetically find some reason for the things he’ve done.

      The problem is when I can’t find any other reason than hate, is it then just fair for me to hate him back? Does it makes me a better person if I don’t hate him, or just a stupid person?

      If I do hate him, is that just fair and can I still be a good person, can I still have my peace? Do I need to hate him in order to have my peace, like dr.c. have said? Or will I find my peace by not hating him and being happy, that my faith is not crushed?

  4. Diana Says:

    Noo, the whole text has gone, so next try…
    My english is very bad, but I will try it nevertheless.
    I got a good reason to hate sb. but I cannot. So perhaps I’m only to nice but I think nobody is so mad, that he is deserve to be hated. Nothing happens without a reason and nobody is only evil-minded.

  5. teo Says:

    I hate it when I loose something on the web too, you should install LAZARUS (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6984) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I feel exactly the same way, but some people just so donโ€™t understand that and they make me feel like Iโ€™m stupid for not-hating someone I should. I believe that nobody is only evil-minded, it doesnโ€™t fit in any of my beliefs about the world and soโ€ฆ Just sometimes I like to think about it and understand why do I believe in it and come clear with my thoughts and beliefs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I need to believe that the nature of people isn’t bad. The Chemical Brothers have one great song โ€œI need to believeโ€:

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