About… Blogging :)

I’ll make it short for the busy people: I like Blogging, it’s cool and fun 🙂

The not so busy people are welcome to read on 😉

So, I blog since 03.01.09, that’s about 5 months now. I must say that I’m really happy with my blog so far. If you want to know why and to get inspired to make your own blog, read on 😉

It’s funny, this week I’ve had a huge traffic drop (from 300 to 40 views per day), but I still think that my blog is going better than ever 🙂 My English is getting better or at least I’m a lot more confident about it. I get some comments, sometimes we manage to make interesting discussions with the commentators and even some real communication, I think that’s really awesome. That’s all I’ve ever wanted from blogging: to find interesting people to talk about some stuff that I think about or that I find really interesting. Although at the beginning I didn’t really knew that that’s what I wanted from blogging…

I’ve made this blog really spontaneous, on one Thursday, while being bored at work ( like now :). I was playing with the idea of having a blog a long time before that. I was reading a lot of blogs and it was always so inconvenient when I wanted to leave a comment or when I thought that I really have something to say on the topic, but it wasn’t really suitable for a comment, the bloggers seemed to be really cool people I wanted to get in touch with… But still, I’ve never thought that I’ll make a personal blog. Now I must say, that this blog really looks like a personal blog, or what do you think? What’s that blog about?

I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s about what I want it to be about. Obviously right now I don’t really want to make the nice directory of interesting psychological reasearch as I wanted, or to collect the most awesome photography works on the web, or to train myself in being more extrovert, or to create a place where you can find all the happy little videos on the web, or to fill some holes in the Bulgarian blogosphere… I just want to have one nice place on the web, that is mine and where I can do whatever I want to and talk about anything I want to, and I would say that I pretty much have one place like that now 😉

It took me a while to get here, to see that it’s ok to write just about some unorganized things and thoughts, that I don’t have to follow rules or planes, not even my own rules or planes. That’s a huge step forward in building some healthy self-confidence.

The most awesome thing about blogging is, that you can do whatever you want and you’ll still find some people, that find it interesting, good or at least ok. You’ll always find people, who think you suck too, but what do you care- that’s your place on the web and if they don’t like they should simply go somewhere else. Well that’s a huge fresh squeezed orange juice for my self-esteem and self-confidence.

So if you think that you need fresh squeezed orange juice for your self-confidence or whatever is thirsty in your mind/heart- go make a blog 😉


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3 Responses to “About… Blogging :)”

  1. Baker Says:

    Oh fun! 🙂

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  3. Dear beloved readers, « little coping koala Says:

    […] As I’ve said before – blogging is like a fresh squeezed orange juice for your soul/self-confidence/mind because of you – my awesome readers! And it’s kind of unfair and a pity, that it’s mostly an one way street… So that’s my way of giving something back to you, may dear ones […]

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