If Calvin took Ritalin…

I’ve found that on the Laughing Squid and it shows just how sad the world would be, If the overuse of medicines keeps going and if people and doctors keep take and give pills so easily…

And luckily later on I’ve found a follow-up too 🙂

I love the Internet because of all the happy endings you can find on it 😉



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8 Responses to “If Calvin took Ritalin…”

  1. clatterbach Says:

    Hi there, I love this cartoon but, as somebody who suffers from the primarily inattentive form of ADHD, and who has struggled for years here in Britain where, for the moment at least, doctors are less willing to hand out pills, to adults at least, I would like to make a couple of observations:

    Kids having imaginary best friends can be cute and entertaining. After a few years of intrusive daydreams, however, where the real life does not penetrate the imagination and neither lessons (as with Calvin) nor bosses’ instructions, loved ones’ conversation etc etc., don’t penetrate, an individuals’ social life suffers in a way that is unimaginable for somebody who can shut down daydreams at will. Moreover, the result lack of educational progress and career progression leads to underemployment. The result of both conditions together is misery.

    Pills are not the answer to everything, and the happy medium has not been found either in Britain or in America. All research funding into ADHD and similar problems currently tends to go to developing new drugs. This means that nutritional therapy and lifestyle methods of ameliorating (but not curing) the disorder, tend to get overlooked nd downplayed. This is tragic. Nevertheless, even for those who are aware of these areas, pills can often be the only solution to a problem that prevents them coping with any single area of their lives. That pills are overprescribed, or, perhaps more accurately, injudiciously prescribed, does not mean that there are not very significant numbers of people who may need pills as part of the solution.

    You do not state nor even imply this in your post, but some people believe that because kids like Calvin, or more broadly, impossibly daydreamy and hyperactive kids, did not exist in the past, they are no more present now, but only imagined by pill-pushing doctors and hyper-vigilent/brain washed parents, or, alternatively, parents without the requisite skills to raise a child. This is poor logic. Much has changed in the last few generations, not least the industrialisation of food, and the exposure of children to literally countless neurotoxins and chemical adulterants. It is this that leads to the problem that currently is being resolved through medication, but which might be resolved otherwise.

    As I say, I enjoyed the post, but feel compelled to write to express the difficulties of unmedicated individuals with ADHD.

    • teo Says:

      I’m really glad that you’ve done that, thank you very much for completing the picture for me ;). It wasn’t my intention at all to make my post sounds like “there are not very significant numbers of people who may need pills as part of the solution”.

      I’ve worked with several of ADHD children during my practical course and I was so happy to see how they make huge progress via medication and therapy. But my mentor told me a lot of bad stories too in order to prepare me for some situations, like some parents just wanting to get some pills or overdose their children when they’re bad… I don’t want to get in detail, it can be bad when pills are “overprescribed, or, perhaps more accurately, injudiciously prescribed”, that’s all I wanted to say with that post.

      I think you’ve shown the other side of the problem really good and I can just hope that someday I’ll have the time, patient, will and money to do my best with finding the best combination of therapy methods for my patients.

  2. clatterbach Says:

    Yeah, there’s plenty of parents who go to doctors for the wrong reasons, and Ritalin in schools over here in the UK now does seriously concern me. Every class now has kids who are dosed up on Ritalin. You’re post is cool, and the cartoon is great, and makes its point fantastically well. I sometimes like to try and comment etc on such posts because sometimes I get the sense that readers will interpret things in a certain way, and there are many here in the UK who think that hyperactive kids are simply brought up badly or affected by computer games and TV. This may be the case to a degree but the picture is more complex than that.

    Also, though, I’m a little anxious right now since at age 31, I’m going to get my first appointment to see a psychiatrist who is said to have a specialism in ADHD & Asperger’s, and I don’t have good experience with psychs.

    ANyway, keep it up, Koala. I’ll have to try and take another look at your site and see what it’s all about 🙂

    • teo Says:

      Well, the one thing you need to know about my site is, that I’m happy when a reader brings a point to the topic in a comment, that I’ve missed in the post 😉 Just sometimes when you have some background to one topic, you think that everybody else have it too, that they know the whole picture and they’ll know what you mean. That’s just stupid, but it happens.

      I wanted to ask you, how did you find my site and do you have one of your own? I would love to visit it 😉

      Good luck with the appointment! The only thing you must know is, that psychs mostly have less time than they need, so try to get the best out of it 😉

  3. clatterbach Says:

    ps. You’re right about the happy ending. Poor Hobbes!

  4. clatterbach Says:

    Hi there, yeah I found your site through WordPress tag surfer ie. blog posts that are on similar themes to my own.

    My site is http://universityofgav.wordpress.com

    It makes little sense unfortunately. I created it under the pseudonym Gav Belcher and Prof Gavin Belcher for a few reasons:

    > to try and channel the many directions my obsessive, wayward head takes me in

    > to laugh at some of the many directions and cul-de-sacs my obsessive, wayward head takes me in

    > to give myself a reason to post some of my writings so that I can have a forum, and, by extension, an audience who might help me to motivate myself to finish, and show some of my work, since finishing projects is a major problem for me.

    > Also to discuss ADHD, asperger’s, literature, nutrition, creative writing and some of the other things that interest me

    I wanted to do this by making a joke of the fact that I am an autodidact, self taught, and that I have so many different interests and invariably spread myself too thinly. I did this by choosing a name, Gav, that to English ears suggests an uneducated ‘townie’, and making a solipsistic ‘University’ out of it. The university, then, is a fabricated institution with only one student, Gav Belcher, and only one tutor, Prof Gavin Belcher, to take on a range of topics. The prevailing atmosphere is one of bumbling amateurism, and both Gav and Gavin have traits of numerous neurodevelopmental disorders, with Prof Gavin Belcher speaking with numerous ‘spoonerisms’, being very absent minded, and giving lectures, like Newton, even when nobody turns up for them, etc.

    Unfortunately, none of this has quite panned out. First of all, I view the blog itself as a distraction from my proper writings, which means I don’t edit, leave myself precious little time to write on it, and resent even that little time I do dedicate to it.

    Also, I hoped the concept behind the blog would become clear in time, but my rare posts and the little time I dedicate to the blog mean that this isn’t the case.

    With all those disclaimers in mind, feel free to take a look. I just get the sense it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. Much of my mind doesn’t lol.

  5. clatterbach Says:

    I also have another blog http://belchergastronomique.wordpress.com

    That makes even less sense 🙂

  6. teo Says:

    Hahahah, I get the feeling that you sound a lot like me by not really doing what you wanted with your blog and not really knowing what you’re actually doing (https://copingkoala.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/about-blogging/). I hope it’s still fun for you too 😉

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