Post-relationship activity

It’s a funny thing – after a long, serious relationship the best thing you can do is sport, learning, writing, reading, going out etc. But the only thing you do is lying in your bed, unable to sleep and just starring at some stupid point in the ceiling, possibly listening to some depressive music. So you feel bad, flabby, gloomy, nerveless, mopish etc. And that’s how depression works. I hope it’ll change soon.

PS. It’s a good thing that I’ve got out of bed to write this, still something 😀


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18 Responses to “Post-relationship activity”

  1. clatterbach Says:

    Ok, I initially clicked through to your site from WordPress Tag surfer to comment on this post, but got distracted. (Not like me lol.) I was in this position just over a year ago having got sucked into a passionate but turbulent relationship in a big way. Yeah, the whole depressive phase lasts a while, but then, if you can just force yourself a little at the beginning until it first becomes a habit, and then you enjoy it enough to keep going, you get to do all the other stuff.

    I’ve been learning, running, writing, and spending some time on myself for the last year or so now and I haven’t stopped yet. I’m learning green woodwork, improving my czech, writing short stories, and have recently moved to the mountains to live and work, so I’m getting plenty of exercise 🙂

    As I say, give it a bit of time, and then, though you may just need to force yourself at first until the depression lifts, and you’ve find yourself again. It’s wonderful 🙂

    • teo Says:

      O yeah, I hope so too. I’ll force myself, in a while 😉 I know I will. At such times I’m really glad that I have several jobs to go to 😉

      Great coping from you, I hope you’re doing a good work in the mountains, it must be awesome to live there 🙂

  2. helen Says:

    Easter is a symbol of resurrection, of spring, of new beginning…
    Only do not lose faith in people though 🙂
    See I find this one funny:

    • teo Says:

      I’m not planing on loosing faith, I’m planing to fight for my faith 😉
      10x for the link, but I must disappoint you – I don’t get it at all, I get that it should be funny and why, but somehow it’s still not funny to me…

      Happy Easter 😉

  3. Asian Butterfly Says:

    omg, it took me a year before i was finally over that stage, but mind you, youll realize later on that what youre doing is a f_ckin waste of time… and you wish you werent like that. lol.. wish you happiness, happy easter

  4. teo Says:

    Thank you, happy easter too 🙂

    I hope it wouldn’t last a whole year till I’m “normal” again, after all I’m putting an end to it in order not to waste my time anymore. I’ll explain it in other post…

    Wish you luck 😉

  5. davecandoit Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your relationship has come to an end, Teo. I’ve got a little secret for getting over it. Here’s what you do:

    1. Mark a date on the calendar about three months from now, let’s say July 1st. Why? Because by July 1st I can almost guarantee you’ll be feeling a lot better about everything and ready to move on. But the secret to this is you have to refrain from contact with the ex-b-friend.

    2. At the end of each day simply check off the date on the calendar, knowing that you’re one day closer to success. Whenever you’re feeling low or missing the ex’, simply remind yourself that by July 1st you’re going to feel a whole lot better. Always focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past.

    3. On July 1st do an assessment of yourself and I bet you’ll find that you do indeed feel a ton better.

    It’s that simple. The bottom line is that while there’s no way around the grieving stage, you can plan for the day when it’s done.

    If that doesn’t work, I find ice cream pretty much cures everything, except weight gain.

    Best wishes, my dear. You’re a lovely young lady and you won’t have any trouble find someone special down the road when you’re ready.

    • teo Says:

      That’s a good advice, Dave, 10x 🙂

      I must have clarity first and that’ll be done by the end of this week. Then I know what to do – first get on with writing my BSc-thesis and start jogging and go to the fitness, second eat much more healthy, third go out with some friends, go to partys, rock the dicso and rock the net 🙂

      But let’s first wait a little bit, may be it’s not over anyway, that being caught in the middle is killing me, but it’ll be over by the end of the week 😉

  6. Holly J Says:

    As you know, I have soooo been there!! It sucks. There is nothing anyone can say or do. It just sucks:(
    I’m sorry you’re going through this. My best advice is just do what you need to and don’t rush the healing process. Even if it takes mad long. If you want to mope around- mope! I once forced myself to “snap” out of a break up funk and all I ended doing was dating the wrong guys and being someone I wasn’t, all because I was desperate to act as if I wasn’t hurt anymore. almost 5 years later I was still in love the same guy. As soon as I owned it, and cried about it and just gave into it, I was over it, and could move on.

    I do also recommend that you do force yourself to shower and brush your teeth and maybe take a walk or something after 3 days. You don’t have to hit the clubs, but I personally prefer being depressed with clean teeth and hair, lol:)

    • teo Says:

      🙂 That’s really good, Holly, thank you very much. I tend to force the healing process, I’ll try not to this time. But it’s not so bad, I manage the showering and teeth brushing, I still have to go to work and I’m so glad about it, it forces you not to be too messed up 😉

  7. slideworld Says:

  8. slideworld Says:

    😉 много забавна песничка / 😉 very funny song

    • teo Says:

      Не знам за забавно, но е много готина, 10х, 🙂

      I don’t know about funny, but it’s definitely nice, 10x 😉

  9. Charly CONCHITA Carlyle Says:

    I know this sounds strange…but as woman who has gone through both amazing 7 year relationships and a few tough breakups…treasure the sadness and the pain, it has a certain amount of beauty and will only foster the appreciation of the return of your happiness! xxx c

    • teo Says:

      It’s not so strange, I understand what you mean and it’s actually essential. I just lack some patience and it’s my first time…

  10. beijaflor Says:

    Защо ли това е най-коментирания ти пост? 😉
    Най-обичам интернет доброжелатели…
    Я да ставаш от леглото и марш навън да попиеш малко слънце!

    I wonder why that’s your most commented post? 😉

    I’m sick of internet-well-wisher…
    Get up of that bed and go outside, enjoy some sunshine!

    • teo Says:

      Сигурна съм, че доброжелателите са добронамерени, както и ти. Просто всеки споделя неговия си начин да се справя с подобна ситуация.

      Може би това е един от най-коментираните постове, защото повечето хора имат опит с такива ситуации и се радват да могат да го споделят с надеждата, че ще бъде полезно. Благодаря и за твоя съвет, точно това правя вече 😉

      I’m sure that they’re all well-intentioned, just like you 🙂 Everybody just shares his way to get along with situations of that kind.

      May be that’s the most commented post because most of the people have some experience with such situations and they’re happy to be able to share it with the hope, that it’ll be useful. Thank you for your advise, that’s exactly what I’m doing already 😉

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