What would you do for 10 million $?

I really like that movie. I know that it’s old and you’ve probably seen it, but I think that it’s always worth asking you the question. Would you do it?

Why? Or why not? I just find it interesting to think a little bit about what is a random human life worth to me or also what 10 millions are worth. It’s like filling out a personality test, you see how you’ve developed and changed, do you like it? Where would you like to go in the future?

I’m glad that every time I watch that movie I have different arguments and different concerns. It would be really nice if everyone thinks about how little, or how big we are from time to time, if we think about the value of life. It’s a shame that sometimes human lives become only numbers …

And what can you do with money anyway? Besides paying for an expensive life-saving operation or feeding the world, what is a lot of money good for? You need some money to live “a normal life”, but how would more money make your life that much more awesome, that it would be worth killing someone else?

Or in order to make it more difficult – if you use the money to save a million other lives or even more, is it worth it then? On the other hand how can we even discuss such things, are we really just a bunch of killing apes? Well, if the only difference between us and animals is our “ability” to kill each other, I would better be just an ape…


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