Something that made me smile…

Helen recommended that cool astrology site to me and in my horoscope there I saw something, that made me smile:

“Mercury in Scorpio

She is extremely observant and astute, always reading between the lines and looking for the real meaning behind things. Passionate in speech, excellent at strategy. Natural psychologist.”

Yeah… And right now I’m sitting on the data for my BSc thesis and it looks pretty good, o yeah, who’ll be a psychologist in 5 years, ha? :D:D:D


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2 Responses to “Something that made me smile…”

  1. helen Says:

    but you are a natural one 🙂

    • teo Says:

      but as a natural one you can’t make any money, or at least it’s not professional and ethical… Still it’s great, because you need some of it to make a good professional psychotherapist 🙂

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