Sweet Kristin told me, that I’m intelligent. I enjoy that little compliment (10x Kristin), but it just got me thinking about what did I enjoy about it and what does intelligent means after all?

What could look intelligent on that blog, written in poor English and representing nothing but some random, spontaneous thoughts? Do you think I’m intelligent? Do you think you’re intelligent? What do you think that intelligent means?

There are a bunch of theories of intelligence and I don’t want to bother you with them, because they can’t give you an answer to these questions. You need to define it for yourself. So do I.

So for me intelligence is really simple, it’s about being open-minded, getting along and having some kind of concept of the world around you. Of course creativity will be well received too:

I don’t really care what a test would tell me about it, but I still enjoy such little nice compliments and I’m glad when I score good in a test. Why? Because I think of me as of an intelligent person and I enjoy an occasional compliment, because that means to me that my self-perception is not so deluded and that others see me at least a little bit like I see myself. What about you?



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