25 random things about me

So, Ashwin has started it and I’m playing along now.

1. I’m unorganized. I have my own order, that seems messy for some people, but I love it, because it’s flexible and changes all the time. That leads us to –>

2. I love change. I don’t know if change is the purpose of life, but it is somehow to me. Change doesn’t necessarily means development, but I know for sure that change is required in order to achieve some development. That leads us to –>

3. I’m under construction, not only my blog. I may have a great personality already and I’ve kind of always had, but I hope that it’ll never be finished, that would be sad.

4. I love orange, it’s soo my color 🙂 But oranges not so much, grapefruits – now we’re talking 😉

5. More over I love corn, it’s my all time favorite food. Sure it tastes the best when it’s fresh from my grandmother’s garden, but all other variations are also good 🙂

6. Secretly I’m a writer , someday you’ll able to see my work, I promise, It’ll be awesome 🙂

7. I’m a calm person , it takes a lot for me to say WTF and in fact I’ve hardly said the f-word at loud in my life and I don’t really like when people are swearing all the time.

8. I believe that people are good in nature and that you can achieve a lot with “just talking”. That leads us to –>

9. I want to be a psychotherapist, I know that I will be and I’m on my way, although it sucks that it’s taking so long… That’s my late childhood dream job, before that –>

10. I wanted to be a president, or the first female president of Bulgaria, whatsoever, I just wanted to make Bulgaria a better place and I thought that being a president is the way to do that (I was like 6 years old at that time) –>

11. I still believe that we (including me 🙂 ) can make not only Bulgaria, but the world a better place –>

12. I think, that there’s only one way to do that – with love. No wars, no treats, just humanity and to me humanity means altruism, love, caring for others, letting greed die, constructive thinking, saving the jungle and not behaving like we live in one, being humans and not killing apes..

13. I wasn’t always like that, I’ve done some pretty bad things and a lot of people have done some much more bad things to me… I would like to say “I’m sorry” to all my friends for all the crap I’ve done as I was “young and stupid”. I would also like to be able to forgive, understand or at least admit to my self and others the bad stuff that others have done to me too.

14. I have no respect for people, who interpret “proud” as “I’ll never accept anything different and my view is the only one that matters and I’ll stand to my position, even if I know that’s wrong, just because I once said that that’s my position and you all have to obey me” (there are more people like that than you think)

15. I have no respect for people, who’ll never get in a discussion in order to protect their principles. I love having a discussion, there’s no better way to get to know someone than that 🙂

16. I try to understand everything, really everything, I want to understand it and I’ll listen to what you have to say to me about it, if it’s plausible I may understand and even accept it.

17. Shortly I’ve learned what a real romantic love is and how it hurts, I’m really grateful for that

18. I am a very enthusiastic person, I get exited about something and I want to make it huge and get everybody else exited too. Sometimes that works and it’s awesome, sometimes is doesn’t work and it sucks.

19. I’m very competitive, dare me to something and I’m there (almost every time 😉 )

20. I’m usually very determined and I also don’t really get the concept of the golden middle. 

21. I’m a very good friend, it takes a while till I accept someone as a friend and it doesn’t happens very often, but when it does it’s 1. for life and 2. amazing.

22. I am happy with what I have and I’m really thankful, I appreciate it, but I know that there’s a lot more for me out there and that I’ll achieve a lot.

23. I don’t believe in God like in the Bible, I believe that “God” is stands just for the love and good qualities that people have and should develop, that he’s the love that unites all the living and non-living things on earth, he typifies the good nature of people.

24. Sexuality is very important to me and I love people who can talk freely about it, it’s just natural and there should not be such a thing like “tabu” about it.

25. I’m open-minded so surprise me with your 25 random things about yourself 🙂

I’ll tagg some people on Facebook and I’ll also like to read 25 things about Helen, Svetlina, Prolet, Dr. Conchita, Krinstin, Michaela, Liza, The Asian Butterfly, Holly, Krystal.

Rules: : Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things about you – facts, habits, goals… At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.



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19 Responses to “25 random things about me”

  1. helen Says:

    Haha. When I started reading I almost splurbed out: “You’re no Scorpio, my dear”. But then by the end of the list I thought that maybe you were one. Complex human being you are.
    Random bits about me? They are all over my blog. This is how Pisces likes it. No rules, no lists, no limits 🙂

    • teo Says:

      😀 😀 😀 what does it matter what I am?
      Whether I’m a Scorpio or not, it doesn’t change anything on my personality, 25 bites of which are listed up there, that’s far not everything 🙂 The only thing it could change is the attitude of people, who don’t know me.

      No games for Pisces? 🙂 It’s your call, I’ll read you anyway…

      Forgot to ask – if I don’t sound like a Scorpio, like what do I sound like then?

      • helen Says:

        Haha. You do sound like Libra and maybe Sagitarius but also like Scorpio.
        “I like change” and the like is not typical for Scorpio and “I’ll never accept anything different and my view is the only one that matters and I’ll stand to my position, even if I know that’s wrong, just because I once said that that’s my position and you all have to obey me” is typical for all the fixed signs like: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius 🙂 Of course, it is possible to dislike in other people the same quality that you have. You study Psychology, you know better.

        • teo Says:

          😀 well, if that kind of thinking is supposed to be typical for Scorpio, I’m glad that I don’t really sound like one, that’s stupid…
          I like change doesn’t mean that I don’t love my home or that I’m not fixed in some way, just that I would like to develop myself and that I’m fixed in my conviction that change is good and necessary for development.
          I don’t know anything better because I study psychology, the only thing you learn that way is that “it’s all relative” 🙂

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Hey 🙂
    How do you combine 24 with 7 and 7 with 24?
    (i promise to post something these days :-P)

    • teo Says:

      🙂 Sex is not the f-word, at least it shouldn’t be 🙂 Sometimes it’s the l-word and that’s great, sometimes it’s just sex and that’s ok, but when it’s just the f-word it’s really not even ok, I think… If your way to talk freely about sexuality is using the f-word a lot, that’s ok too, but it’s just not my way 🙂 That’s how I combine them and I don’t really see a conflict there…

      (I’ll be waiting for it 😉 )

  3. beijaflor Says:

    Харесва ми 13.
    Много по-лесно е да си “добър” по природа, отколкото да си такъв по свой собствен избор…
    И не се заблуждавай – и други лоши неща ще правиш…няма как иначе 🙂

    I like 13.
    It’s easier to be “good” by nature than to be good by choice…
    And don’t fool yourself – you’ll do other bad things too… there’s no other way 🙂

    • teo Says:

      🙂 10х, то ми е едно от любимите също.
      Не се заблуждавам и не казвам или мисля, че вече няма да правя лоши неща, а просто, че съжалявам за тези, които съм направила преди без да съжалявам за тях. Това, коет имам предвид е, че каквото и лошо да правя в бъдеще, няма да е с тази жестокост и хладнокръвие като преди.

      🙂 10x, it’s one of my favorites too.
      I don’t fool myself and I don’t say or think that I’ll never do bad things again, I’m just apologizing for the stuff I’ve done before without feeling sorry or guilt back then. What I mean is that whatever I’ll do in the future, it’ll not be with the cruelty or cold-bloodedness like before.

  4. Шшшт. Секретно « Жълтурчето Says:

    […] април 2010 in лиготии Коалка иска да изброя 25 уж случайни неща за себе си, затова попитах […]

  5. davecandoit Says:

    I love grapefruit and corn too.

    Here’s a corn on the cob recipe for you. De-husk a few cobs and break out some tin foil to wrap them in. In a small bowl combine butter, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Now slather the corn in this butter mixture and wrap in foil. Barbecue for about 20 minutes turning three or four times. And there you have it, delicious BBQed corn on the cob. 🙂

    I collect rare first edition books and have dozens that are autographed. My most prized is a 1959 first edition hardcover of Psycho, by Robert Block, autographed the year before he died.

    I play guitar, poorly.

    I never envy others but instead am always delighted with their successes.

    I have a laundry hamper and am not afraid to use it.

    I could never drop a live lobster in a boiling pot of water.

    I believe that ethics is defined by what you do when no one’s looking.

    I am obsessive compulsive, but just enough that my house is always spotless.

    I like it when my coaster is parallel with the edge of the bar.

    I’ll come back with the rest of my 25 things another time.

    • teo Says:

      10x for the recipe, I’ve never had corn with Parmesan, it sounds good 🙂
      You should come back with the rest, I’ve really liked that ones 😉 I can connect with you on the coaster, lobster and some other things…

    • helen Says:

      I could never “choose” a live fish in a fish restaurant to be cooked and served.

  6. Mia Meow Says:

    Ha! Gonna do my 25 things tomorrow! :))) Yours are nice…I wish I knew you in real life, not only virtually, you must be a very amazing and awesome person ^^

    • teo Says:

      I feel the same for you, Mia 🙂 You’ve changed your nickname, interesting… I’ll be glad to read it when you’re ready 😉

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  8. Baker Says:

    Awesome! Your personality really shines through in your writing! =)

    • teo Says:

      Thanks, Baker 🙂 I don’t really see how that works, but if you say so… Anyway, you have great energy, I’m still thinking about adopting your challenge to my daily life somehow 🙂

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