Great photographer: Hel Des

I haven’t post any photography works here lately, but the last one from Hel Des I’ve seen just stroke me, it’s so beautiful:



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4 Responses to “Great photographer: Hel Des”

  1. Holly J Says:

    This is beautiful. One of my favorite artist is Cindy Sherman. Her work always inspires me to write a short story. I also love this other photographer (his name is slipping me right now, Baptiste is in it), who does the most beautiful nudes. I have no skill with a camera, but I still enjoy photography.

    I will have to look up for of Hel Des’s stuff.

  2. davecandoit Says:

    Oh this is a wonderful shot, Teo. I’m just getting into child photography myself. Lots of fun. And for me b & w photos work best with kids. They seem more artistic and less snapshotty.

    I finally moved my blog, by the way. You can still access it vis, but the wordpress address is now:

    • teo Says:

      I’ll update the link soon, but did you moved again? I think I’ve updated it recently…

      I know, you child photographies are great 🙂 You have great models too 🙂

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