What do I need?

I saw that on the WordPress Freshly Pressed and I thought: “Hm, sounds interesting, you should do that”. So what do I need, according to Google:

  1. Teo needs to be updated (true, although I thought, that I’ve just done that, but I need to do it regularly I guess)
  2. Teo needs your help (I guess true, I don’t really know on what, but something will come up;))
  3. Teo needs love (totally true, I guess we all need some of that)
  4. Teo needs to dance (absolutely, yeah!)
  5. Teo needs numbers for his Razr2 (what is that? I surely don’t have it, but needing… not really)
  6. Teo needs a fund (not really, no, not yet)
  7. Teo needs to pack only what he needs (that’s a good idea, but where am I going?)
  8. Teo needs better journalism (like there could be a such thing, but I can keep hoping)
  9. Teo needs a chance (totally! everybody does)
  10. Teo needs more variation (hm, if you say so, I actually think that I have enough)

So, everyone who feel like it should do it: just google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. Teo needs], Click search and record the first 10 results (cf. here)


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5 Responses to “What do I need?”

  1. Bain Says:

    First thing that popped up was this.


    NEVER AGAIN following the advice of a furry mammal that wears glasses.

    • teo Says:

      Why not? It could easily be true 😀 And besides that a furry mammal that wears glasses sounds pretty reliable to me 🙂

  2. upendi Says:

    No results found for “tsvetomila needs” – gosh, I already have it all 😀
    amusing post! 🙂

  3. Copied from the coping one « Жълтурчето Says:

    […] юни 2010 in лиготии A furry mammal that wears glasses gave me a nice idea (FMTWG for short). Why not google (it`s a real verb!) my name like this: Sunshine needs, and see […]

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