About… Temptation! (3) Revenge!!!

Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks up there?

-Yep, that’s because Revenge is an exclamatory feeling (is it a feeling ❓ ), that’s also why I’ll write Revenge with a capital letter here.

So, so- Revenge! May be you’ve noticed that this third part of “The Temptation Trilogy” 😉 comes a little bit late (here the first and second one), that’s because I haven’t really made my peace with Revenge and I’m “ping-ponging” about my attitude towards Revenge too.

On the one hand, Revenge is a great temptation, may be even greater as desire, because it’s really sooo sweet. I would think about Revenge and picture a slice of a really, really tasty cake and I can feel, physically feel, how the cake/the Revenge is drawing me in to itself, it’s whispering, with a deep, dark, sexy and very tempting voice “Come, take a bite/Revenge yourself”. If you look up “Revenge” in Leo, you’ll see the phrase “to satisfy one’s desire ❗ for Revenge“. And yep, Revenge is just sooo sweet, on the one hand.

But on the other hand Revenge is just dumb. It’s not wrong, I don’t believe that Revenge is wrong or bad, but just that it’s stupid . That’s what helps me not to do it. You know, if there’s something really sweet, that you shouldn’t be doing, you’ll just wanna do it more and more. But if that sweet thing has really bad consequences and does make you and others feel really bad in the long term, there’s no point in doing it. And, like with a really tasty cake, Revenge is a very tempting, exquisite desert with very, very bad aftertaste, a short moment of pleasure ending with more people feeling bad as before.

I’ll stop here. If clarification is necessarily, just ask :). I’ll be glad if one yellow scorpio/dandelion 😉 share a view/a story on/of Revenge, because it seems to me that I’ve lost the scorpio Revenge passion & talent (if she has one, I’m just guessing).

*Wordpress says, that “desire” is a complex expression, WTF?, people are not that stupid yet…

*delicious pictures from the smitten kitchen

*good article on the topic:)

*a poem about Revenge



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13 Responses to “About… Temptation! (3) Revenge!!!”

  1. helen Says:

    Hello Scorpio 🙂

    I never, ever thought that revenge was something exquisitely tempting. I love good deserts and I enjoy them without any bad feelings afterwards.
    but revenge being a large tasty cake … nahh… what’s the sweet about it?

    • teo Says:

      The metaphor is not that good, it’s something much more tempting than a cake and it has much worse consequences.

      What’s so sweet about it? To see your “enemy” crawling in your feet, to see him suffer even more than you did, to see him desperate and wondering “why is this happening to me?” and to let him know, it’s because of what he did to you and it’s because yes, you’re so coldblooded and cruel to do this to him, to feel the superiority and power, to achieved your “justice”…

      If you don’t feel tempted by that, the better for you 🙂

  2. Bain Says:

    Uhm, like, no. You are describing revenge as an emotion, which is completely wrong and ruins the whole idea behind it. Vengeance, revenge, punishment – all those are together and stand behind the idea of justice. If emotions are involved, you aren’t doing it right. Also, there is no mood called “being vengeful” so we can completely kick out the revenge-as-an-emotion-idea that you present here.

    Despite the lyrics from the song with the same name from “System of a Down” Revenge isn’t supposed to be sweet. Most the time it brings something close to a negative emotion while you carve something with your knife into someone’s arm to remember his lesson. You, my sweet, innocent coala bear, obviously haven’t done it very often and have forgotten the consequences it brings back on one’s soul. That’s really good, actually, because for some of us it is just too late. But no, if revenge brought ANY sweetness and joy whatsoever with it, it wasn’t done right and it wasn’t done for the justice of it, but for the whole satisfaction of making someone suffer, which is sadism, and as said above, completely opposite to the idea.

    So, to sum up – you got the idea right, revenge leaves a bad aftertaste. And you got it wrong if you think that it should be done for the satisfactory factor.

    For the record, check out the dictionary and the difference between “sweet” and “sweat” because some of your sentences there turned out REALLY hilarios.

    Bain Ragecrest Hardtime

    • teo Says:

      Thank you very much, Bain. I tend not to read what I wrote (because I count on someone else to read it and tell me 😛 ) and I guess there are a lot of mistakes like that. (10x also for reminding me, that I wanted to write something about sweat too 🙂 )

      So – I’m describing revenge like an emotion, because it’s an emotion to me, a feeling. It’s not rational, therefore it’s my private or objective emotion.

      A desire for justice is (or could be 😉 ) rational (like the thing, that you’re talking about) and therefore it can be considered as not an emotion. The desire for revenge is the emotional part of the desire for justice to me. You don’t have to share my opinion :).

      What I mean is, we can have an situation where one has done some harm to you. The justice will be to cause him the same amount and kind of harm like he did or to do something, that will restore your past situation, something to compensate you. But that’s not what I understand under revenge.

      Revenge is the angry desire to destroy him as much as you can, which is almost never in order to restore your past situation, but just to do harm to him. This leaves you both destroied and brings black to your soul. That’s why vigilantism is not the way of justice.

      And dear Bain, my way of looking at it is: “If it was justice, it wouldn’t bring black to your soul” (or would it?).

      You’re right, I haven’t done it a lot (and I wish that it would not be still tempting), because I didn’t like the consequences and I’ve realised (I hope) soon enough, that it’s just stupid. It’s a bad instinct of the sleeping monster, that one should try to control.

      For me. If it’s different to you, explain 🙂

  3. Bain Says:

    Control is with one “l”, you silly mammal. It is doubled in “controlled”. Aaaaanyway. And I think it is just the opposite. Revenge, and punishment, should be done as often as possible in order to control the monster, else at some point you will lose because of two things:

    1. You are so used to not taking a stand for yourself and bringing out justice, that your psychical spine gets broken. You have became too weak because you do not let the instinctual being inside you out. Someone insults you, you burst into tears, go out on the street, and a truck runs over you, breaking your physical spine as well. Granted, last thing was over-acted, but you get my point.

    2. You lose the control of the monster at some point, when something really out of lines gets to you, and because you are not used to punishing and controlling it in the process, you end up decapitating your victim instead of just carving your initials in its body like I do.

    Yeah, for me it is different. I take balance very seriously, and do not believe that any of the Gods up there has the time to fix the little messes caused by people, as much as I am told that I should believe at that and wait for it. Well, I ain’t waiting. I punish, I avenge, I hurt and destroy more often than you can imagine. I do not get ANY satisfaction from it, nor I get any bad feelings afterwards. In every discussion in phylosophical level there is no right or wrong opinion, but when the discussion hits reality… Sorry, but your approach is wrong, and mine is right, I dare say it out loud because I do believe that you are smart enough to think of other ways of handling things in other than the trivial way.

    Now run to my website and read “seven hits” /written in bulgarian/. Tell me what you would have done in that situation and reacted afterwards, so I see how far away you really are from the right attitude.


    • teo Says:

      Thanks again, clever Bain 🙂 (if it’s annoying you, I’ll try to read the stuff before publishing, but I kind of get the feeling, that you can enjoy and appreciate the mistakes 😉 )

      1. I take care of my physical spine using other methods or “valves”, but I can see why you would think that 🙂 It may be or become true. Still I wouldn’t feel good about my self if I adopt your method. If it works for you – great 🙂 If mine doesn’t work for me at some point, I’ll search for a third one 😉 (that I’m actually doing already, but no better replacement is being found yet)

      2. Here I would wonder, if that something is soooo bothering me, would decapitating be so wrong? If someone had decapitated one of my children, I would think that this wouldn’t be that crazy or wrong (revenge is sweet), but I would also assume, that by that time I would have the monster under control so good, that I would think of my other children and how they need me and how decapitating the perpetrator would be disadvantageous to us (revenge is stupid)….
      I can see, that for some people such level of control seems unreachable or that you would think that it’s just delusional, but I think that it’s reachable, real and that I’m capable of it (may be not yet, but someday).

      3. “I punish, I avenge, I hurt and destroy more often than you can imagine. I do not get ANY satisfaction from it, nor I get any bad feelings afterwards.” I believe, that this approach is right for you now, but it’s definitely not right for me and I also believe that you’re smart enough to see that the right thing for one, is the wrong thing for other.
      I’m still searching for my “perfect” way of handling things and I know for sure, it’s nor yours, it didn’t pass the trial time 🙂
      If that makes me weak in your opinion, so be it, I don’t mind 🙂

      4. I’ve read you summer-post and for me the story there is a story of (a silly) revenge, I’m going now to read the other one. But I could save you the time, I assume it’s pretty far 🙂

      FWTWG 😛

  4. Bain Says:

    Damn right I like finding mistakes. And yes, kind of makes you weak. No, it doesn’t make you a week. Yet. \you had another typo there, mammal\

    Btw, I am nice enough to stop if you don’t like it.

    And well, you just show that justice doesn’t matter that much for you, because you don’t try and create any. The summer story isn’t about as punishment as the seven hits one is, tho.

    Also, I liked how your opinion on 2. started, about decapitating someone if he decapitated a child of yours, you should decapitate him too, and ended up with ???? saying that this would be a stupid approach and you shouldn’t do it. Why? If you do it right, no one will find out…

    I think you are a hypocrite on that one, actually, I am fuckin’ sure that you will end up calling me once someone decapitates your children and you will ask me to tear his body appart limb from limb. And I am haaaardly wrong 😛

    Btw, I am interested in establishing a more accurate connection with you in order to improve the communication. Got skype or ICQ?


    P.P. What is FWTWG? Falling Wonderful Tree Wants Gardening?

  5. teo Says:

    Don’t stop, I don’t mind, you enjoy it and it’s useful 🙂 If you stop I’ll have to read everything again and make sure there are no mistakes and that doesn’t sound like something I want to do 🙂

    About 2: If I do it right, so that no one ever finds out- Great! But I don’t think that there is a possibility to guantatee it and as I don’t have much experience with stuff like that, I wouldn’t take the risk, given there are other children. Otherwise it’s reasonable to take the risk.

    Would calling you and asking you to do it make me hypocrite? After all, I’ll not be doing it, but you 😉 And you may be right, if it happens in front of me I may lose control, but otherwise I’m confident not to do it.

    More accurate? This one is as accurate as any other (besides face to face), I believe you mean more private. I have “contact me” page here and e-mail, write there or leave your skype.

    FMTWG = me 😉 (of course that I had a typo there too, you should have expected that 😉 It’s yours and Svetlina’s creation 🙂

  6. Bain Says:

    Aaaaand yes, calling me would make you a hypocrite, because, you see, you are still getting the sweeeeet, sweeet revenge. You will just be saying that you are too good to do it, so you call a professional to. How is that not hypocritical?

    Also, my skype is wolviex1.

    On the topic – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3IEy6dt9Dw


    • teo Says:

      The video is not available in Germany.

      I though that you talk about not doing it because of the consequences, not because of being too good… I would only call you, if I’m pretty sure that my tracks can’t be followed, so I wouldn’t have to face any consequences and that wouldn’t make me a hypocrite (in my opinion).

  7. Bain Says:

    Wouldn’t knowing it make you a hypocrite already? Seems like I will enjoy chatting with you on regular basis, you are so… Coalish.


    • teo Says:

      No, I didn’t say it’s bad and that’s why I’ll not do it, but because of the consequenses. Given there’ll be no consequenses, I’m free to do it. Knowing it wouldn’t be a problem, because I’ll think it’s just fair, although not pretty.

  8. The power of anger « little coping koala Says:

    […] to surrender to that desire. These would be the third temptation for me, if you remember the temptation-series But I don’t have to do it. I can use these energy for constructive activities too. It’s […]

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