I’ve just realized that today: for me acceptance is just a pretty word for “I declare myself for defeated”.

If I accept the things, like they are, I admit that I’m not capable or don’t want to change them… And that’s just wrong, I think.

A lot of people say to me at one point or another: “You’ll see when you grow up, that’s just the rebellion of the youth, it’ll go away…” (is it a disease, or a mental disorder?) or “Once I was also young and stupid like you, but someday you’ll see that it’s senseless and you’ll grow up”.

So let me translate that (to myself): “Growing up means giving up, if you want to be part of our “normal grown-up club” you’ll have to give up and call that “grown-up”.

Well, no thanks, grown-ups, your club sucks big time! I’ll have to accept my absence of acceptance (is that some kind of paradox now or what?) and do the best of it :).


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2 Responses to “Acceptance…”

  1. greengeekgirl Says:

    Oh, growing up isn’t necessarily giving up! It just makes you see things and prioritize in a new way. A young person might grow up having a certain set of ideas of how things should change, but as they get older, they may see that is unrealistic–that doesn’t mean you can’t change things, it may just mean that your set of ideas may grow with you ^_^ And it may mean that you have a better chance at accomplishing your goal!

    • teo Says:

      I didn’t mean that it necessarily means giving up, but sometimes. Of course that your ideas grow with you, otherwise the world would be full with astronauts and ballerinas 😉

      And still, what does unrealistic means- that it can’t be done or that the effort to do it would be much less than the benefit of it. So you change your goals to such, that you can achieve or it’s at least more likely to. I know for sure, that that’s the healthy way to go and I respect people, who can do that and don’t think of it as giving up, but I do, so it’s not the right way for me.

      What I can do and it wouldn’t be giving up is changing my goals, because I’ve realized, that achieving them would not be the best thing to do. Finding (not achieving!) the truly best way to go would be growing up to me 🙂

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