Good News

So yesterday the secretary of my professor (“my” professor? he’s not like my personal professor, but my tutor or something, you know) send me an e-mail, that he has good news for me and I should contact him.

I’ve sent him am e-mail, because I was at work, and he was like: “you should come by as soon as you can, today afternoon would be good.” I’ve said to him that I was at work and that I can come by tomorrow and he: “o, ok, it’s not that urgent.”

So I had a lot of time to wonder, what could the good news be. The last week he was on a conference, where a poster with the results of my bachelor-thesis was presented and so I though, that it has to be somehow related to that. I also though, that it may be something about the master program, or about a job, because one time he was talking about how hard should it be for a student to have to earn one’s keep on his own etc. But then I was like: “o, wait, wait, don’t get to exited, don’t build up great expectations”.

So today I go to his office, everything is cool, I’m cool, I don’t care, good news come everyday 😀 …

He: “So how are you?”

I: “I’m good, I’m good. I’m exited about the conference (an other one, not the one he was on). How was the conference in Brno?”

He: “It was good, relaxing, I’ve seen a lot of old friend and good professionals, there were some interesting studies.” …

He: “So you’re surely wondering why are you here today. I’m just waiting for the others and I’ll tell you.”

I: “ok”. Me to me: “Others, what others, why, what?”.

So the other psychologist, who were on the conference show up and he gives me an envelope and say: “Ms. […], your poster has won the #1 Poster Award.”

OMG, are you serious? That’s unbelievable! Among all other great personality researchers? Wow, I just can’t believe it… WOW

In the envelope there were 250 euros, the first prize. The amazing thing about it is just that my research has won among all the others, unbelievable. The study is not even that exceptional and there’s not really a great amount of hard work behind it.

That’s my favorite part about that – my method of learning and doing things has won! You can do best with the minimum amount of effort! That makes you (me) smart in my opinion.

This post is getting kind of long, but I’m just so happy and exited.

And I guess that I’m a psychologist now? I still don’t have my diploma, but I have a prize, does that make me a psychologist? On the other conference in september I’ll have my diploma, would I feel like a psychologist then? Why did I feel like a psychologist before starting my study and I don’t really feel like one while finishing it? I’m confused…

I should thank Bain again for pointing out to me, that control with two l’s is wrong, it was on one of the tables on the poster too, I could just fixed it before printing. 10x Bain 🙂

Also 10x to my brother for the lovely surprise tonight, great gesture, bro, I hope to do the same for you too sometime soon 🙂

Cheers, guys 🙂


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