I can’t imagine a better kid!

I love Wednesday afternoons, that’s when I meet the happiest mother I know and the cutest little man.

I was never a kid person and I’m still not, kind of like Robin from HIMYM in that aspect (except when a very good photographer just kind of happen to make awesome baby photos), e.g. I still have never held a baby, anyway – not a kid person.

But that little man… well, he makes no exception. I was so afraid when I’ve met him and I still feel weirdly awkward when I’m alone with him, even just for a couple of minutes. But he likes me 🙂 He asks about me, he would see something, that I’m likely to like and would bug his mother about it, he would bug her to pick him up earlier from kindergarten, so that he can spend more time with me etc.

It’s funny, that when he’s there he doesn’t play a lot with me, he just kind of hangs shy on the door and looks to me, then turns his head away, talks a little bit, than looks away… Last week he drew me a picture 🙂 He came to the kitchen, where I was sitting with his mother, hanged on the door with one hand, reached out to me and say with the cutest voice, trying to pronounce everything very, very clearly: “Teodora, I’ve made that for you today.”

Anyway, that wasn’t my point at all.

I wanted to tell you about the happiest mother I know, who said to me today: “Do you know, Teodora, if there was a program, that allows me to imagine and create the perfect kid before giving birth, back then I couldn’t possibly imagine a better one than him could never have imagined him so good.”

That’s just so, wow, hope I can say it one day too. I just wanted to write it down, it’s beautiful.


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