Image of the Mood

Amazing how much the nails of a woman can tell you about how she feels, e.g. this one should say repetitive ups & downs on several unsymmetrically parallel levels… 😛



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4 Responses to “Image of the Mood”

  1. Svetlina Says:

    As far as i know sharp lines/shapes mean that u are angry/nervous and round shapes/lines mean that you are calm. Of course, you should add up – add the meaning of the colours, add the fact if they match (don`t match) the colours of the clothes, if the normal (ordinary) nail type of this person is completely different… yep – nail can speak, but one nail can belong to many different people, you need more details (nails) 🙂

    • teo Says:

      That’s all true, Sunshine 🙂
      Same nail, different people, different meanings – that’s why above I’ve written my own feeling while doing this nail, nothing more.

  2. helen Says:

    Or: “I want to be noticed”
    Or: “I want to shock the puritans” 🙂

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