Lamers web- and technology preferences

David recently shared some really annoying excuses involving technology and I agree with him on most points, but there is more:

1. You may have 100 free sms a month or so and I’m happy for you, but if you send me a text and I call you – pick up if you can, don’t make me send you a text! I can understand if you’re in the library, a seminar, busy or something (and you should be smart enough to turn off the sound of your phone there), but just for the love of texting, come on.

2. If I call you and you can’t talk now, call back! Like at least in the same day or something, even if it’s late, I’m old enough to turn my phone off when I want. If you call me the day after it’s most likely that I don’t know why did I wanted to speak to you.

3. If I call you, I want something from you, I want to speak to you about something, I have a point of calling. I would say “Hey, how are you?” like a pathetic attempt to make small talk, then I’ll say “I’m calling because […]” and after we’ve cleared that out I’ll ask you about what’s going on with you, if I have time and lust. Don’t start chatting right at the beginning, because often enough you chat that much, that I can’t get to my point.

4. You should say your name on the phone, especially if you work in a company that wants to sell me something. You should say goodbye too!

5. If you want to make it nice and easy for me to read and follow your blog, have an about page, allow comments, answer questions in comments, have an rss-feed button!!!

6. Sometimes I don’t check my mail daily, especially on weekends, I’m not always on facebook too, if you have some reason to expect from me that I’ll react to your message within a day, you should have my number and call me.

7. If I drop my phone, don’t start a lecture about how women don’t care about technology, because I don’t and therefore I don’t care about your lecture either.



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