I love Interstate 60, if you haven’t seen it yet (almost impossible) watch it. I can recommend it at least because of this “theory”:

O.W. Grant: Every event is inevitable – if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t happen.”

So, is it?

Let’s see, that’s the classical non-falsifiable theory, like the most theories of Freud too. In order to proof it wrong, you’ll have to evade something, that already did happen or something. So yep, methodologically this theory is bullshit.

But otherwise you can “believe” it. It can be kind of relieving. It’s not like it doesn’t matter what you do, it does big time. It may be inevitable that you do it, but you still have to do it! Still once something is done, that’s it, it was inevitable, it’s past, done, move on, do some other inevitable stuff.

And don’t forget, that they may be black hearts and red spades and once you know that, you’re able to see them. So there could easily be another dimension, where all the evitable events happen and build one “evited” world  🙂

So what do you say  – is it inevitable that something happens, that we make that or this choice, that these choices are more or less just the results of all the inevitable events before them?



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