Sweaty People

I really don’t get it – what’s the problem with sweating?

I’m from the sweaty people, especially for a girl I sweat a lot. I sweat when it’s hot, when I’m nervous, when it’s winter and I’m nervous, when I had a coffee, when I exercise, when I’m running, etc… (and I’m not fat, sweating is not just for overweight people, it’s for all people with normally functional perspiratory glands!).

I would like to say like everybody, but I’m not really sure about that anymore. Most people are so disgusted by sweating that I’m starting to think that it’s actually not that normal as I’ve always thought. That’s why some girls  come up with the crazy idea to remove their perspiratory glands, that’s just wrong…

Deodorants prevent an unpleasant smell pretty effective, but you can of course still see that I’m sweating, often enough you can see big drops on my forehead or something and I don’t see a problem with it! If there’s no unpleasant smell you shouldn’t have a problem with it either. Most people that smell unpleasant in the subway are not all sweaty and wet in the moment, but they just have the smell, most likely from not showering this morning or something.

Sweating is normal AND it’s sexy! Really, correct me here if I’m wrong, but sweat is somehow really hot! Especially (or even if you like it better so) on a girl! Here some supposed evidence (taken with my new camera of course):

How can someone think, that I would not like to sweat when I’m jogging or when I’m in the gym, or that I should be ashamed of that, or that I should feel ugly, dirty and not let any cute boy see me “that way”??? I’ve always felt as sexy while sweating as any other time too, it’s not what you wear or how do you look, but how you feel. If you feel sexy today, sweat can be sexy, if you don’t feel sexy today even your little back dress can’t help you out.

So please, clear it up for me – what’s wrong with sweating?

Dear Dave, you should know for the future, that being all sweaty doesn’t make you less attractive, at least not for people like me and that cute girl may have thought the same way, considering that she agreed to pose for you, but you know, anyway…


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8 Responses to “Sweaty People”

  1. Bain Says:

    I suppose that they complain about the smell. And if not that… There is one theory that you won’t like. It’s about the overconfidence of humans. They take themselves as superior to all other creatures. Animals sweat. You are human, you are different, you are better, your body isn’t supposed to feel cold, nor hot. I suppose that this is the reason behind those morons risking pneumonia by wearing T-shirts in the middle of December.

    Also, what they think doesn’t matter. Matters what you think. And for crying out loud, you are obviously not human. YOU HAVE GOLDEN SKIN, I MEAN, COME ON, WHO HAS THAT? If normal people had golden skin, they’d probably like sweating.

    ^ way to say that I like your new camera.

    Suffer well.

    • teo Says:

      The only theory about how people are different than animals that I find kind of reasonable is, that people are simply killing apes (capable of killing each other).

      What they think may not matter to me, but there are a lot of girls that get too influenced by this “standards” and that’s why I want at least to know where do this “standards” come from, because there’s obviously something wrong with them and I can’t imagine that they have some kind of logical origin, but may be they do and If so I want to know it.

      On the photo I’m sepia-effected, but still a person 😉

      Suffer well too, I thought that you don’t like depeche, but ok:

  2. The Lazy Photographer Says:

    LOL… you make a convincing argument, Teo. But it helps if you’re already HOT to begin with. 🙂 As for smelly people, well, smelly and sweaty are definitely two different things. 🙂

    But, I’ll agree that any way you look at it I should have talked to that cute girl a little more than I did. 😉

  3. Krijs Says:

    Well, my problem is, I don’t like the feeling of being sweaty. It’s just that your clothes get wet and stick to your skin and I usually only feel worse or start to get nervous because of it and sweat more…

    • teo Says:

      May be you’ll be more calm if you have a spare T-Shirt 😉

      But actually exactly that is what I don’t really get – I would change when I can when I’m all sweaty, because after a while you get the smell, but I don’t see why should I feel like a peace of dirt till I get to do it?

      Sometimes I get the feeling that it’s kind of rude to sweat, like what Bain have said – it reminds people of their animal nature, that’s also why it’s hot, but we are animals, so why fighting or hiding it?

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