Slap Me – I’m a Bad Blogger

Nezzo has asked us to write about why are we bad bloggers (and what are we going to do about it), if we think that we are, and I think I am, so here is why:

1. My Blog is becoming more and more personal, like a thoughts-diary, what I actually never intended (but needed apparently, after all I’m making it), so I intent to make 2 projects (more on that soon) separate from that apparently personal blog 🙂

2. My English is improving, but there’s still a lot to do about it, e.g. I’m still very shy about commenting on some good English blogs because of my language and I would like to finally get over that.

3. Somehow there’s a lot more photography here than psychology, it shouldn’t really be that way.

4. Lately I publish a lot of pointless posts, that’s not really good, I should stop it.

5. I’m pretty irregular with my blogging – a day with three posts, then a week with none… ? That’s not pretty, but actually since that will be my personal blog I can do it. Still I would like to stop it, I should get cleverer with the use of drafts 🙂

6. I’m not getting any “social media” like twitter, topbloglog, blogcatalog or stuff like it… A good blogger should get along with that crap.

7. I’m not communicating as much as I actually wanted and intended with bloggers that I like…

So now I’ll go work on these points. If you think that you’re a bad blogger too, take the badge and tell us why 🙂

ps. Nezzo has showed me an option to become a little better blogger, so I’m joining Bloggers Unite too 🙂

and a little slap-song:



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14 Responses to “Slap Me – I’m a Bad Blogger”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    Радвам се на това, че не само си го признаваш ами и ще се опиташ да се подобриш 🙂 Това най-малко очаквах.

    Пък BU дойде като пример просто 🙂

    I’m glad that you not only admit it, but you want to get better too 🙂 That’s what I least expected.

    BU was just an example 🙂

    • teo Says:

      Естествено, че ще се опитам да се подобря, какъв е смисълът от гола констатация? Странно, че не си го очаквала, защо така?

      Знам, че BU беше просто пример, но ми хареса, браво, че си активна там 😉

      Of course that I’ll try to do better, what’s the point of simply listing my flaws? Weird that you didn’t expected it, why so?

      I know that BU was an example, but I liked it 😉 Thumbs up for being active there 🙂

      • Nezzo Says:

        Всъщност съвсем наскоро започнах, интересувам се и участвам в много подобни инициативи, но повечето от тях пряко не засягат блогването. Има подобни вариации на BU, който призовават годишно писането по една единствена световно приета тема, тази година тя беше за глобалното затопляне. В нея не се включих, после открих BU и се оказа, че е много по-добре от това веднъж в годината да кажеш на всички, че света ще ни убие заради собствената ни глупост.

        Actually I’ve started not so long ago, I’m interested in and I participate in many initiatives, but most of them are not directly connected with blogging. There are similar variations of BU, that call up bloggers to write about one global topic once a year (this year it was the global warming). I didn’t participated in it, then I’ve discovered BU and saw, that it’s way better than to tell everyone only once a year, that the world will destroy us because of our own stupidity.

        • teo Says:

          Ще видим дали ще помогне ако го казваме по-често 😉

          We’ll see if telling it more often will be helpful 😉

          • Nezzo Says:

            Помага, ако знаем как да го кажем

            It helps, if we know how to say it

            • teo Says:

              Значи имам още много да уча, отивам да се образовам 😉

              Well, then I have a lot to learn, I’m on my way 😉

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Bad like in naughty or like in failure?
    BTW the last 2 points make you a regular blogger not a bad girl 🙂

    • teo Says:

      Bad like in not really good 🙂

      I don’t want to be a regular blogger, but a good one 🙂

      I don’t think that the regular bloggers don’t communicate enough with their fellow bloggers. I have rather the impression, that they have some sort of “blogging peer” and they’re some sort of “blogging friends” with them. That’s not exactly what I want, but just communicating more, which is closely connected with regularily in posting ect., in my opinion that also makes one a good blogger 🙂

  3. godlesspaladin Says:

    I don’t think you should worry about your English, it’s better than some of the people who comment on my blog. <.< Honestly, your English is good enough that I didn't know you were not a native speaker until I read that you were from Bulgaria. ^_^ (I wish I could improve upon my language skills, but I can never get myself to practice…)

    I guess my main flaw as a blogger would be my irregular posting pattern. However, I only post when I get an idea, and those are sporadic. Also, I'm afraid I'm a bit….hostile…in some of my posts…. <.<

    • teo Says:

      Thank you very much, it’s a big compliment to hear that from you 🙂 (good, that you’ve never heard me speaking though 😀 )

      This blog is my self-made opportunity to practice English, may be you could do something like that too.

      Hostile?? Nooo, protecting atheism without being hostile is one of the things I like about you 🙂

  4. Holly J Says:

    I enjoy your blogs but I understand what you are saying. I always have certain aspirations when I create a blog, but some how my personal life makes its way into it. Oddly, those are the post I think people like the most. I know I do.

    • teo Says:

      Yep, you know – I like them the most too 🙂 Although I think that you manage to keep your personal life out of e.g. Fit is the Back, but a writer has to find the optimal mix between personal and other stuff, if there was no “you” in your writing no one could recognize your writing 😉

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