Summer Mix CD 2010 Vol. 2 (Bulgarian Edition)

After Vol. 1 I’ve searched youtube up on my own and went crazy… So here are some more nice summer tracks:

F**K YOU by Cee Lo Green is awesome!

ONE by Swedish House Mafia too:

Mowgli – Caraibi is cool:

Mowgli – Nu Skool is great (just discovred mowgli, you can tell, ha?):

Pleasurecraft – Tarantula is what one would need at 4 a.m. on a beach-house-party:


The Bulgarian edition begins here:

A clear winner on the chalga-front in my opinion is:

Ивена & Теньо Гогов – Трима музиканти (three musicians)

On the other fronts we have the almost annual version of Нека бъде лято (let it be summer) by Лора Караджова & Годслав (wasn’t he called Ballface before?)

The new track of Ъпсурт – Мрън Мрън which seems a lot better after the search, it’s maybe one of the best ones:

The dumb track about how dumb dumb people are Young BB young ft. Princc Vihren & 100 Kila – О колко си просто (O you are so dumb):

Румънеца & Енчев – Кавали is actually not bad, at least it seems like they have an idea:

And another one from these guys Румънеца & Енчев ft. Наско – Дилема (dilema):

Слави Трифонов – По Ръба  (on the edge) (he was good back then…):

O, we still have some kind of R&B in BG, Сантра & Кристо – Неска фен съм ти (I’m a fan of you today):

We have even more, Диалог & Биг Ша (haha, cool new nickname) – Лятна Фиеста (Summer Fiesta):

And more Устата – С близането идва апетита (the appetite comes with the licking) (I can’t even tell if that’s chalga or hip hop…):

And it’s hard to believe, but there are also new artist trying to do something, Мона – Звезда (Star):

Ирина Флорин also has a new song – Копринена Жена (silk woman), which is good, but not really a summer song:

Some people are trying to make house music in Bulgaria, like Роско & Камен Во – Има игра (there’s a play):

Калин Вельов – Искам (I want) is not bad:

Мариана Попова & Орлин Горанов – Чуй ме (Hear me) is good, but again – not really a summer song:

These guys also make kind of house music, I think that they are the former Gravity Co? Диан Соло ft. Явор – Raise again:

This one is pretty good, Deep Zone – Play:

Well see, that’s great – it’s a cover of a famous old Bulgarian song, Нина Николина & Kалин Вельов – Целувката на Ана (The Kiss of Anna):

This track is interesting, Нина Николина – Любовна рага:

P.I.F. have a new track, awesome, it’s called Усмивка (smile):

And one more new singer to me Дани – Кой съм аз (who am I?):

Wow, something really, really good, definitely the best one for me Цветелина Чендова – Не знам какво (I don’t know what):

So I would say – things are not looking very good, but there is hope for the Bulgarian music industry! I’m really surprised by how little has changed in almost 4 years…

I will not include all these songs in my Mix-CD, I’ll take some from former years and a few from here, but now I have something like an overview 🙂 2010 BG vacation can come now!

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10 Responses to “Summer Mix CD 2010 Vol. 2 (Bulgarian Edition)”

  1. godlesspaladin Says:

    Cool! I’ll have to add some of these to my ipod. 🙂 My friends think I’m strange, I have a lot of songs on my player that are in languages I can’t understand. I tell them I don’t always need to understand the words to understand the emotion. Plus, there are too many artists to simply limit yourself to your native language.

    • teo Says:

      I’m so glad that you’ve found something interesting here, it was really hard for me to go through all the even worse music that’s not up there, therefore I’m even more happy about the few really good ones…

      Yep 🙂 Sometimes it’s better not to understand the words, so that you can hear the emotion you want to hear 🙂 I do that too e.g.

  2. godlesspaladin Says:

    Here are some I’ve been listening to:


  3. godlesspaladin Says:

    That Cee Lo one is perfect for my life right now :p I found this other artist, not sure if you’ll like him. Ronald Jenkees

    There’s a lot of him on audibleart along with a bunch of other interesting artists and their playlists.

    Here’s another artist that I’ve found on there too “Little people”

    Not sure if you’ll like them, but thought I’d share just in case. ^_^

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  5. al-kasser forum Says:

    al-kasser forum…

    […]Summer Mix CD 2010 Vol. 2 (Bulgarian Edition) « little coping koala[…]…

  6. Muhammad Says:

    Great Bulgarian music you’ve collected on the site. Most heard of it but there are pieces that do not know them. I live in Bulgaria for 5 years I was born in Cairo and I really like their music is very rhythmic and has a unique belly dance

    • teo Says:

      That’s great, enjoying the music of the country you live in is part of integration, I’m glad you liked it, the article is pretty old, maybe I’ll write a new one of the topic soon 🙂

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