Um… do you wanna be my roommate?

Lately I’ve been asking this question a lot, since I’ll apparently move, but more on that later…

It drives me crazy that nobody answers ?!?!?!?!?!?!? (a lot of the ads have only an E-Mail as contact, so I’m writing mails and waiting for an answer)

I’m not really comfortable with complaining & Co. (and I already did complained about that to several friends, that’s how crazy it drives me (I even check my Facebook for messages everyday…), but because I don’t want to do that anymore I’m “taking it out” here, that’s my place after all) (when are the meetings of the self-help group for brackets overuse, dear Helen?)

So, it’s really simple – if I take the time to write an application for your free room, you should take the time to answer me, a simple “you suck, I don’t want to live with you” or “cool, I’ll be glad to live with you” is more than enough.

I know you’re probably very busy and that there are a lot of reasons to save some time etc., it’s the same for me when I have the choice between writing an application or copy/paste one. But there is also one very important reason to take the time to write an application /to answer one – being nice!

So if you’re visiting this blog because a nice girl gave it asΒ referenceΒ in her application – be nice and answer me!


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7 Responses to “Um… do you wanna be my roommate?”

  1. Svetlina Says:

    For a hostel or a rented place?
    Cause if it`s a hostel, you can just pay for 2 beds πŸ™‚

  2. oziris1 Says:

    Oh, you poor thing! I want to live with you, but unfortunately, there just isn’t any possibility for that. I’m really sad that you don’t have any comments, but hold on there, someone will eventually answer…

  3. helen Says:

    Dear Teo, you don’t really want some random people to be nice to you. You want to find a roommate. At least that should be the priority here. So I’d rather say that you don’t have to take all this in that much.

  4. teo Says:

    Thanks to both of you πŸ™‚

    1. I want people to be nice to people in general, it’s a nice thing to be nice πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    2. I don’t want someone to answer this post and be my roommate, this post is directed to the people, who are visiting my blog from a link in my application and don’t respond in any way (my traffic is still so low that I can notice 20 additional visitors on days without new post, so I can see that people are reading my application, stopping by here and not responding).

    I don’t want them to want to be my roommate, I don’t mind people not liking me, I just want them to respond, so that I’m not feelig like talking to a wall. For example I get responses on my job applications, so it’s obviosly not that hard…

    • helen Says:

      That’s just your ego. They don’t have to reply to you if they are not interested to be your roommate or if they did not make up their mind as of yet. Because this could be a reason too.
      That’s why I am saying that you should not expect that from some random people that you really don’t know and should not be disappointed because they don’t reply to you. It would be easier on you if you choose not to be offended by this.
      Otherwise, I wish you good luck with finding the right roommate and finding her / him quick.

      • teo Says:

        Yeah, I know… 10x for the luck πŸ™‚

        They don’t have to reply, I don’t say or think that, I just think that it’s nice to reply and that I want them to be nice – still it’s their choice. And I even know that choosing not to be nice in replying to applicants doesn’t mean that these people are not nice in general.

        It would be easier, yep. But why easy, when we can make it harder? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

        I just feel like freaking out and overreacting, so I’m doing it, since I feel like it’s right for me now πŸ™‚

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