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Eat that, you stupid sick me!

December 22, 2010

So my stupid body obviously thinks, that my first free day in the new place is the best time to get sick. Well, In your face, stupid sick me:



Am I a blogger?

December 19, 2010

There have been a lot of blogging anniversaries at the blogs I follow lately (here, here, here,  and somewhere else that I forget) . Actually I had my one year anniversary sometime in November too, but I just wasn’t feeling like writing another blogging review or something.

I still don’t really feel like blogging most of the time, although I’m always thinking about what I would like to write down, I hardly come to actually writing it down.  It’s pretty logical actually – I have some mood, emotion, idea or a thought, I’m thinking about writing about it and while doing that I come clear with it in my mind, so I don’t feel the urge to write about it anymore.

Am I a “real” blogger? I’m not extrovert, I don’t care about stats and links, I don’t care about reading the new posts of my favorite blogs first or as fast as possible, but simply when I feel like it, I also don’t really care who am I writing this to (most of the time I’m simply writing to me and I’m glad that someone is reading)… I don’t even really know what a “real” blogger is, do you?

OK, I know that I have a blog -> I’m a blogger (but if, then a bad one) 😉

Anyhow… being or not being a blogger, I would like to tell you something, my dear precious readers – simply thank you very much ❗ Without you this blog may not be still out there…

See you soon 🙂

Image of the moods :)

December 19, 2010

Feel free to try guessing the emotions/moods 😉 :


Life without habits…

December 9, 2010

Habits are important, useful, everybody has some and it’s hard to get rid of them. Apparently.

But I don’t have any. I’ve always knew that I’m not the typical “habit-animal”, but at a seminar last weekend, where we were talking about motivation and habits, it just became clear to me that I don’t have any habits. Not one. At least not one I can think of.

We had the assignment to think of good and bad habits, their advantages and disadvantages. I knew what a habit is, what typical human habits are and what their advantages and disadvantages are, but not from my personal experience, I’ve never experienced this “automatism” in a relative complex behavior. I’ve never even reached a routine in bike riding or auto driving. If I invest more time in creating some habits it’ll probably work, but I’m now sure, I’ll try it soon. But till then I still have to think about everything I do, there’s no automatism that relieves my mind.

I asked the teacher if he knows if the difference between people with lots of habits and people with very few or no habits had been studies and he said, that he doesn’t think that there are people with no habits. Well I think there are, e.g. me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. And I must say that I really like my life without habits. I’ve been even staying away from habitual behavior consciously all my life, it seems like I’ve never seen habits as a good thing…

How about you and your relationship with habits?

Someone without habits reading this?

How good do I know myself without knowing it?

December 9, 2010

At one seminar not that long ago we were talking about how “our mind” knows what we want way sooner than we do and our brain has to come up with ways to tell us what “our mind” has been knowing the whole time. All the stupid or not that stupid things we do when we try to make a decision are more or less useless, all we need is a connection to or channel for our minds wishes.

Lately I just find myself in situations that remind me of this: the book, that has been lying around for 3 years, but I pick it up for a read in the right moment, when all what’s in there is about me; “irrational” decisions that are actually good for me, without me knowing exactly why; simply wanting or doing something without knowing why, but feeling that it’s the best for me…

Isn’t it kind of relieving that there’s a right decision – simply the one closer to our inner us? Our intuition, mind, soul, heart – it doesn’t matter how you call it, but it’s mostly good for you.

Why mostly? Because the big concern is, that this thing is taking away our free will, that free will can’t really exist, considering that it’s only an expression of the decisions that something inside us had already taken without our conscious considerations and contribution.

So what? Is free will better? The pure mind, rational thinking etc.

Shouldn’t we be trying to get more in touch with our intuition than thinking more rational?

How good do you know yourself without knowing it?