Life without habits…

Habits are important, useful, everybody has some and it’s hard to get rid of them. Apparently.

But I don’t have any. I’ve always knew that I’m not the typical “habit-animal”, but at a seminar last weekend, where we were talking about motivation and habits, it just became clear to me that I don’t have any habits. Not one. At least not one I can think of.

We had the assignment to think of good and bad habits, their advantages and disadvantages. I knew what a habit is, what typical human habits are and what their advantages and disadvantages are, but not from my personal experience, I’ve never experienced this “automatism” in a relative complex behavior. I’ve never even reached a routine in bike riding or auto driving. If I invest more time in creating some habits it’ll probably work, but I’m now sure, I’ll try it soon. But till then I still have to think about everything I do, there’s no automatism that relieves my mind.

I asked the teacher if he knows if the difference between people with lots of habits and people with very few or no habits had been studies and he said, that he doesn’t think that there are people with no habits. Well I think there are, e.g. me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. And I must say that I really like my life without habits. I’ve been even staying away from habitual behavior consciously all my life, it seems like I’ve never seen habits as a good thing…

How about you and your relationship with habits?

Someone without habits reading this?


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20 Responses to “Life without habits…”

  1. bpdisme Says:

    I am definitely a creature of habit so I can’t relate to you too much here. However, I agree that some people may not have any habits — I suppose it just depends on the definition you’re working with. When I think of a habit, I associate it with a routine. Technically, there are minute differences. Hmmm…now you’ve got me thinking, lol. Maybe I don’t have habits, per se, but routines. Do you have any routines?

    • teo Says:

      Not really. But as said – I’m avoiding it consciously, I can see how as soon as something is on its way to become a routine or a habit I’m changing something or starting something new…
      Most people are creatures of habits apparently, so actually good for you – habits save you a lot of energy and cognitive recourses 🙂

  2. helen Says:

    I believe you are blind to your own habits 🙂

    • teo Says:

      There’s a possibility, I know that. But I tried to think about it really hard, to see if there’s something I do everyday to the same time in the same situation, without really thinking about it, but couldn’t find anything… It also depends on the definition of habits of course 🙂

  3. helen Says:

    Don’t you drink coffee? Brush your teeth or lock the door three times? Or other silly things that you don’t even notice.
    I have habits but I can change quickly. I am not dependent on them. Habits or rituals. When I was still living im my old apartment I used to have a TV-set and cable TV so I was in the habit to watch one and the same show on say each Monday evening. Then I switched just like this to not having TV and no longer watching it. And I don’t even miss it. When I finally get to getting a TV-set and cable TV in my new apartment probably I would get into the habit again of watching something every Monday or every Sunday.

    • teo Says:

      I don’t drink coffee or anything else every morning, every morning I’m thinking about what do I want to drink or eat, I also have to think about brushing my teeth, it doesn’t happen automatically before or after breakfast out of habit, but when I decide it’s the best time this morning depending on how much time I have and what did I eat – if it was a habit it should happen automatically without me actively thinking about it and weighting different altervatives…

      It’s really good for you that you can change your habits quickly, not a lot people can do that 🙂 I hope you’re feeling well in your new home, despite some Vivacom-idiots…

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Hi! It was really interesting the way I found this site. I woke up this morning, thinking about life in general, then myself in life… and I also started thinking about if I am a person of habits or not. This because yesterday night while talking to a friend at some point he said : “you know, everyone has habits”. To which i mumbled: “yeah…sure…”. I wasnt sure then or now. I also don’t think I have habits. That’s why I decided to google “people without habits” and I ended up here! So, I guess we are not alone in the world!
    This habit thing already came across my way several months ago when attending a workshop about self and time managment. The first task we had to do was to introduce ourselves and describe a typical day. That was something that always made me wonder a bit about myself when that question comes. Since I was a child, I always hated this tasks in language classes… to describe a typical day. I understand why! I don’t have routines, I don’t have habits… Never had! I don’t even have everyday the same for breakfast. I don’t wake up everyday at the same time…. I don’t have a task that I have to do to set my day, or my mood or my balance. Everyday is different from the previous. I think there is something wired differently in my brain. Maybe we are few people that function in this way. Now why? What is the advantage? It is unclear to me. I don’t personally think it is ab advantage not to have habits. I have trouble organizing myself, my time… I always did! And I tried to change but didn’t manage so far.

    • teo Says:

      Glad that you’ve found this 🙂

      Even more glad that I’m not alone, love the internet because stuff like that 😀

      Having habits has advantages, that’s why people have them – you can save cognitive resources, so that you can do more other stuff etc. It also has disadvantages. Just like having no habits has disadvantages, but also advantages.

      I just think that since it’s hard for me to establish habits and I simply don’t want it somehow, living without habits may be the better, more natural way for me to live and I should make the best out of it.

      Wish you luck!

  5. Svetlina Says:

    Okay 🙂 Being a day bird is a habit, not being a day bird is a habit, eating soup before the main coarse before the dessert is a habit, posting things that are always in justified alignment is a habit, turning on skype 2 minutes after turning on the computer is a habit, keeping the keys in the same pocket is a habit…
    I`m sure you have at least one 🙂 Helen has a point. You are blind to your own habits 🙂

    • teo Says:

      As I’ve said to Helen – there’s a possibility that I am blind to my own habits or simply that my definition of habits is too strict. Still in thinking and rethinking today, the day before, the former weeks I can’t finding anything that fits in my “habits”-category, nor do your examples ring any bells…

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  8. flavietonon Says:

    I’ve found your blog by searching “people without habits” in Google. Because I can’t find my own habits. I think I don’t have any. I’m trying hard to keep one good habit but then I forget about it, it is too hard to keep doing the same thing again and again! How people do that?
    I don’t always have a breakfast, I never sleep at the same hour, I sometimes do something, sometimes the opposite, sometimes in between.
    I don’t know if it is “good” or “bad” but some things can’t be achieved without habits, so I’ll try again and again to have some good ones (I want to train my writing every day to become a good one, this can’t be done without habits !! [English is obviously not my mother tongue but I am pretty good at writing in French ^^]).

    Maybe I’m blind to my own habits. But these habits are very well hidden!

    • teo Says:

      I don’t know if you can say it is good or bad, it is more work for your brain, but it is also more flexibility… I still haven’t managed to have a habit, I tried very hard to do good things regurarly, but even after severel months it doesn’t feels like a routine…

  9. sajlens Says:

    Hello people without habits!
    It’s really nice to meet you and to know that I’m not alone. I started a book ‘The power of habit’ recently and after a couple of pages I realized that apparently… everyone has habits. Knowing pretty well that I don’t have any… I kind of have a little panic attack:D It stuck me that my brain has to work in a different way than other people and I felt terribly alone and misunderstood. I cannot even explain to my close ones cause they don’t get it…
    To people who are saying ‘you just haven’t found your habit yet’ – it doesn’t work that way. You may try and call something a person does few times in a row a habit if you really want to… but it’s about the way you work. I do not do thing routinely. I’ve never get used to cleaning teeth in the morning. I’m doing it of course, but I’m not used to doing it. I have to specifically think about it and make myself doing it. I always do it at different time or I simply forgot about it. I don’t close the door automatically when I leave. When I don’t remember closing the door it means I left them open.

    • teo Says:

      yeah exactly… I also do all the things one does, but not like a habit, without thinking about it. It’s kidn a faking a habit to appear normal, but it is no habit at all, I still have to think about it…

  10. Guled Says:

    Omg…I so agree with everything you described and on your comments. I’m in relieve to find someone like me when it comes to this matter lol. I always have to think about what I should, when or even how. Me and my school nurse talked about this a while ago. We didn’t quite talk about it until she noticed that my daily activities are random after asking me about it. She then recommended that I start having one habit at a time. And I’m still finding it hard to make a single habit that I do everyday the same way or even the same time. Sometimes I don’t even repeat it everyday if I don’t feel like it even if it’s if it’s something I suppose to do everyday like brushing my teeth for example. I feel I have force myself to do it and that’s why it’s hard for me to make a habit. That’s the same with everything else. I have to like put effort to getting upp from bed, getting into my laptop, going to sleep or anything else for that matter takes me some effort to do it until I feel like it. So sometimes I wait until I feel getting up from bed, going back to bed or anything else and I know it’s bad thing. That’s my struggle in lifeI guess.

  11. Ashlie Says:

    I really feel the same but I feel like it is holding me back. I need to shower everyday, eat healthy, I need to go to work and exercise habitually to reach any of the goals I have. But can seem to stick to anything. I kinda hate it. Let me know what you think about this.

    • Jessica Says:

      Wow, I did the exact same thing as you, and I feel the same…how is it anyone like this can organize a happy productive life? Honestly, especially with kids… And if you’re a forgetful person? I have no motivation for making a habit and even when I was forced in the past to have a repeating habit [which I had to still think to do and do], as soon as I was out of the circumstances I was back to nothing. No habit, no automatic urges to live like or do like I was… There should be a study on ppl like us. They say so many times that you do something it becomes a habit, but not for me so they’re wrong.

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