Am I a blogger?

There have been a lot of blogging anniversaries at the blogs I follow lately (here, here, here,  and somewhere else that I forget) . Actually I had my one year anniversary sometime in November too, but I just wasn’t feeling like writing another blogging review or something.

I still don’t really feel like blogging most of the time, although I’m always thinking about what I would like to write down, I hardly come to actually writing it down.  It’s pretty logical actually – I have some mood, emotion, idea or a thought, I’m thinking about writing about it and while doing that I come clear with it in my mind, so I don’t feel the urge to write about it anymore.

Am I a “real” blogger? I’m not extrovert, I don’t care about stats and links, I don’t care about reading the new posts of my favorite blogs first or as fast as possible, but simply when I feel like it, I also don’t really care who am I writing this to (most of the time I’m simply writing to me and I’m glad that someone is reading)… I don’t even really know what a “real” blogger is, do you?

OK, I know that I have a blog -> I’m a blogger (but if, then a bad one) 😉

Anyhow… being or not being a blogger, I would like to tell you something, my dear precious readers – simply thank you very much ❗ Without you this blog may not be still out there…

See you soon 🙂


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6 Responses to “Am I a blogger?”

  1. godlesspaladin Says:

    I think “blogger” can mean different things to different people. Some people who are bloggers write every day, others write like news reporters, some write regularly, and some only write from time to time. If an author writes a story, and then takes a short break, is she no longer an author? You’re still a blogger. 🙂

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Мисля, че не си блогър, а уърдпресър. Освен това на български не е правилно да се казва блогър и блогер, а автор на блог (факт, знаен от съвсем малко хора). Освен това ти си автор на блог според:
    – вътрешните характеристики – споделяш спомени, понякога опит, планове, настроения, идеи, вапроси. В блог;
    – външни характеристики – част си от псевдосоциалната сфера на авторите на блогове – четеш блогове, изградила си си виртуални представи за някои автори на блогове, поддържаш връзки (хиперактивни, но връзки) с други автори на блогове;
    – характеристики от трети вид 🙂 – не знаеш какво значи да си блогър (това е много важна черта на всички автори на блог), когато имаш незнание, го формулираш и в блога си, очаквайки блог реакции и блог дискусии, разбираш идеята за folow-ване на блогове (другите животински видове не намират логика в това).

    А, да, мисленето преди писането в дневник е навик 🙂

  3. teo Says:

    @godlesspaladin It’s funny that you mention that, I didn’t really considered my irregularity in writing as questioning my bloggerhood 😉 But then of course – a writer is always a writer…

    @Svetlina so I’m also not a reader, but a googlereader 😉
    It’s a habit if I look in the diary and begin to wonder what to write, not If I think about writing something to different daytime, in different situation or I do something regulary to the same time… I don’t do things like that 🙂 But you’re more then welcome to point other evtl. hidden habits of me, maybe I’ll find one!

  4. bpdisme Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Personally, I’ve often contemplated my own blogging habits. At times, I do it almost obsessively, and then I will go extended periods of time without a single post. Hmmm…

  5. Svetlina Says:

    Nah 🙂 You simply dont realise that there are people like me that dont have the habit of thinking before writing 🙂
    Which proves that you actually have habits 🙂

  6. teo Says:

    @bpdisme Yeah, I’ve noticed that, it makes it really hard for me to catch up, but it’s partly my fault – if I would read up blog every morning it’ll be easier…

    @Svetlina And you simply don’t realize that there are people like me, who do not do something in the same manner every time, I’ve written stuff without thinking about them etc. There’s no ritual, no “I do it so every time”…

    Remark to the new post: If I would eat a bunch of fruit every time I get sick, almost automatically, it would be a habit, but if I eat a lot of fruits sometimes, a lot of sweets or a lot of meat others – it is not a habit…

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