Image of the moods :)

Feel free to try guessing the emotions/moods 😉 :

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6 Responses to “Image of the moods :)”

  1. godlesspaladin Says:

    Hmmm…. that’s hard, only seeing one eye. I will guess: 1) sadness or fear 2) Surprise or excitement (It is hard to tell because the light is making the iris contract.) 3) Lust or anger. Am I close? ^_^

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Okay… the pics are numbered: 31, 21, 01 so i now the real order of appearance. My guesses will be…
    1 – 31) bored
    2 – 21) painful(okay, not a mood… then… wanting-to-scare-someone-out)
    3 – 01) high mood

  3. teo Says:

    @godlesspaladin & @svetlina: There is no right or wrong here, I’ve said “feel free” not “if you guess the right one you’ll get a candy” 🙂 What I wanted to see and what I find really interesting is how the same photo brings up different associations and emotions in different people. It’s kind of like that: when I put an “Image of the mood” here, it becomes a mirror to the mood of the observer 😉

    @Svetlina – the numbers are random, they do not represent the order of witch the pictures were taken (which is actually the order I’ve posted them in), but respect for the try of logical thought.

  4. godlesspaladin Says:

    What!?! No candy? That’s it, I’m unsubscribing. ~_^ hehe I like the pictures. For me, how they are shot really makes me think of a mood. For #1, she is hiding behind her nose, so it looks like she is avoiding something either out of fear or sadness. In #2 she is looking up past the camera, looking at something higher than her. It makes me think of a child looking up at their mother expecting a surprise. #3 looks like she is about to lunge forward, like a cat pouncing on prey, hence why I thought of anger or lust. 🙂

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