Eat that, you stupid sick me!

So my stupid body obviously thinks, that my first free day in the new place is the best time to get sick. Well, In your face, stupid sick me:

What do you do when you catch a cold?


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13 Responses to “Eat that, you stupid sick me!”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    О това е толкова типично за мен и моя организъм, че почти вече не му обръщам внимание, малко като главоболието. То ми е редовен посетител.
    Иначе като ме хване просто го избивам на ненормализъм… аз не че някога съм си нормална де. Гледам да си вдигам настроението независимо колко подсмърчам, с кое ухо не чувам и колко ме боли гърлото! 🙂

  2. godlesspaladin Says:

    Werde bald gesund! When I get sick with a cold, I usually just drink ginger ale soda and have tomato soup. Pretty standard. 🙂 However, I rarely get sick, maybe 2 times a year, but when I’m sick I’m really sick. 😦

  3. helen Says:

    you’re being very tough on your sick you – give it some sleep and relaxation 🙂

  4. The Lazy Photographer Says:

    Poor thing. I’m just getting over a cold. 😦 Lots of TV and rest works. And water, drink plenty of water. Get well soon. Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you. 🙂

  5. bpdisme Says:

    Beautiful pics! Hope you feel better and Merry Christmas! *hugs*

  6. teo Says:

    @Nezzo for me it’s not that normal and it doesn’t feel good, so I’m always trying to get over it as fast as I can 🙂 Your coping way are not bad at all 😉

    @godlesspaladin Danke 🙂 ginger tee sounds good against cold, but a soda? I don’t consider your way standard at all…

    @helen damn right I’m tough – it worked out good, it was over in a day, so being tough pays off, as always, only with the exception of sometimes 😉

    @Dave yep, water is really essential, you need to flush these viruses off your body 🙂

    @bpdisme (I would like to ask for your name too, if you’re willing to share it with me) 10x and merry Christmas too 🙂 I’m feeling a lot better now, grapefruits know their job 😉

  7. Godlesspaladin Says:

    Haha, well, yeah, I guess it wouldn’t be standard for you. 🙂 Over here fizzy ginger soda is what a lot of people have when they’re not feeling well. It is sweet and not as intense as other sodas. Tea is good too. Sometimes I will alternate between tea and ginger ale soda.

    • teo Says:

      that’s interesting, I would say that in Bulgaria the standard is lemons, garlic and honey (or at least for me) and in Germany it seems like people believe that drinking warm beer through a straw will help you, I’m not sure if anyone ever does that although, it sounds kind of gross.

  8. slideworld Says:

    Eat garlic , onion and piri-piri 🙂 it’s my favourites for cold and without cold :).

    При възможност да откриеш хрян ти оставям една рецепта…

    150 г настърган и разтрит на каша хрян и в него се добавя сокът от два-три лимона. Тази смес спомага за разлагането на слузта в местата на нейното натрупване без увреждане на слизестите ципи, не дразни бъбреците, жлъчния мехур и храносмилателния тракт.

    Сместа се приема два пъти на ден по половин чаена лъжичка на гладен стомах. Особено се препоръчва за отстраняване на слузестите натрупвания в белите дробове, носоглътката, а така също в синусите.

    • teo Says:

      Yeah, garlic is the best against cold 🙂 Interesting receipt with the horseradish, usually I’m just eating it in form of a dip….

  9. greengeekgirl Says:

    I’m a little disturbed by those photos of grapefruit :\

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