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It’s new, it’s exiting – it’s a habit!!!

January 25, 2011

So my dears, it’s decided: I want to from a habit!

I still like my life without habits, but I want to know what having a habit feels like, although if I form a real habit I shouldn’t feel anything about it. Some researcher-dudes say it takes about 28 up to 66 days to form a habit and that sounds reasonable and doable (does that word really exist? Leo suggested it and Ii think it sounds really funny, but I’ve never heard anyone saying it…).

Since I’m moving in march, I was thinking stuff like “o yeah, when I move out I’ll finally start jogging again, I’ll be living next to the park and it’ll be warmer etc.” and at some point I’ve thought “wait a minute you stupid FMTWG, why are you putting this stuff off, you have a whole month till then, you can form a new good habit and move out with it already”. Not only do I have a whole month, I also have exactly 28 days of February that I can use for forming a habit and in the time till the 01.02.2011 I can let you choose my first habit ❗

The exiting part for me is that

1. It’s new for me (at least according to my own perception of my habit-history)

2. I’m exited to see if and how exactly this “habit” will be formed in this 28 day, I’ll keep you updated of course.

So please, tell me:

*of course it’s my decision etc., but I just wanted to still ask you

*I don’t drink coffee, but since I’m always so tired and sleepy lately, I want to see what it’ll be like to be “on caffeine” for a month…

Who ate all the blueberries?

January 23, 2011

Remember the first blueberries on this blog? Not so long ago new ones arrived:



Is it all about sex?

January 19, 2011

Sex sells, sex can be an universal motivator and reward, a weapon, a trade good etc.

But lately I’m getting the feeling that sex is really not that kind of a big deal nowadays. It’s everywhere. You can get some anytime. If not – just one click away it’s an endless variety of visual stimulus for every fantasy. This over supply dulls our perception of sexual stimuli. A bare ass/tits today is not what a bare ass/tits were 10/20/50 years ago.

I don’t want to talk about this simple perception though. I get the feeling that  the sex drive today is simply not that important for our social lives (because it’s mostly satisfied), but the need for love and affiliation. I mean: I don’t see people talking to me, because they want to have sex, but simply to have someone to talk to; I don’t see people being on Facebook, because they want to have sex with some of their 500 friends, but because they want the feeling of being accepted, liked and belonging to. (before, life e.g. 5-10 years back I was seeing people doing a lot of thing just so that they can get to having sex).

It’s like sex is also not the ultimate frontier to intimacy anymore. On every party I go there are some girls that start making out or showing some flesh, but talking about e.g. religion is like soooo personal, sometimes I don’t really get the world today…

How do you see the situation today? I could also be seeing simply my need for love and affiliation projected in the behavior of others.

Faith, Signs, Destiny …

January 15, 2011

Do you believe in stuff like that?

I often tell myself, that I’m a reasonable person and I know that these stuff is just bullshit. It’s easy with horoscopes, future telling etc. – all fun stuff to joke around when you’re in the mood, but nothing more.

Though sometimes I really catch myself being bothered by some “destiny signs”, of course especially when I’m not very certain about a decision and these “signs” are connected to that decision.


Episodes on the Bus I

January 12, 2011

Riding the bus can be really sweet sometimes, besides reading a good book or enjoying the view on the harbor you can:

1. see an incredibly sweet older couple, those people were like in their 80’s, they are waiting for the bus hand in hand, then the bus comes, only the women has to get in and the sweet grandpa walks her to the door and kisses her up real nice, like a teenager would do when his girlfriend leaves for a year studying abroad…

I don’t know their story, but there was just so much love and sweetness in those two, that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day when thinking about them 🙂 Thank you older super sweet couple on the Bus in Hamburg today!


No Lies in 2011 ?!?

January 9, 2011

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you’ve had a nice time during the holidays  ❗ 🙂

In this new year something strange has been happening to me, I somehow lost my ability or more like my affinity to lie. I don’t know exactly how or when this happened, but lately (after new years) I just found myself trapped in telling the truth. When asked about something – I’m just answering, and not only with some answer, but with the truth. No different stories for different people and different moods, no little lies just for the fun of it or simply out of the urge not to open myself too much etc. All that fun is gone since the arrival of 2011.