Episodes on the Bus I

Riding the bus can be really sweet sometimes, besides reading a good book or enjoying the view on the harbor you can:

1. see an incredibly sweet older couple, those people were like in their 80’s, they are waiting for the bus hand in hand, then the bus comes, only the women has to get in and the sweet grandpa walks her to the door and kisses her up real nice, like a teenager would do when his girlfriend leaves for a year studying abroad…

I don’t know their story, but there was just so much love and sweetness in those two, that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day when thinking about them 🙂 Thank you older super sweet couple on the Bus in Hamburg today!

2. you can also sit next to two super sweet children and a construction worker and just have to laugh so hard, that you couldn’t keep reading your book, when one of the children says: “Hey there Mr. construction worker!!! Going back home from work, aren’t we?” … The kids and the construction worker have a nice shouting conversation (I don’t now why, but when a little kid shouts like if it’s trying to look older through it, it’s sweet).

When some of the grownups in the bus have had said “Hey there Mr. construction worker” I just can’t imagine what range of reactions could have followed, but a kid says it and it’s all good and sweet. What a wonderful world would it be, if everyone could talk to strangers like these kids and the stranger would think, that it’s sweet and not “what does this guy wants from me, is he crazy?” ❓ …

I hope you’ve had some sweet episodes on the bus too 😉


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3 Responses to “Episodes on the Bus I”

  1. bpdisme Says:

    What wonderful experiences and observations! I’ve found myself on the bus a lot lately. Perhaps next time I’ll be more aware and mindful of my situation, appreciating the little things. Thanks for sharing! *hugs* 🙂

    • teo Says:

      You can also make such moment yourself – hold the door for someone, help an old lady/man to get in, smile at a kid (then they start playing or talking to you), wear a colourful scarf – kids go crazy with it or just say hi to the person next to you, some would be glad to talk to you for a little bit 😉

  2. greengeekgirl Says:

    I love seeing older couples who are in love–it makes me hopeful for my future ^_^ I saw an older couple walking down the street holding hands one day, it just turned me to mush.

    I wonder if they know how adorable they are?

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